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Hot Workout with London Call Girl Nikita

He stole a glimpse at the central London escort. She looked so erotic with her face flushed. Sweat was running over her smooth, firm skin and her gym outfit was moulded to her body, revealing her curves. He watched her tight ass in the sculpted yoga pants as she pushed herself a little harder on the cross trainer. She glanced over at him, giving him that sexy smile. He let the weights drop back into their cradle. 'Take a break,' he said. The escort with brunette hair cancelled her workout programme and slowed her pumping thighs. He let out a low whistle whilst he watched her cool down before stepping off the machine. She really did have the most incredible, fit body. Nikita picked up a towel and dabbed her face and perky cleavage. Sauntering over to him, she stood at the bottom of his bench, sipping water, watching him with a wanton expression in her sexy eyes. 'Show me your buns,' he said, his voice hoarse with lust. Putting her water bottle down, the sexy London escort turned and hooked her fingers into the waist band of her tight yoga pants. She slid the damp fabric down her toned thighs, allowing him to feast his eyes on her round, firm and flushed ass cheeks. 'Perfect,' he murmured. Nikita kicked off her trainers and removed her yoga pants. Turning back towards him, he felt his cock harden at the sight of her neatly shaved pussy. The Gloucester Road escort stepped towards him. He pushed his shorts down, feeling the snap as his erection sprang free. Nikita straddled his sweat slick thighs, pushing her fingers through his damp hair. The London escort french kissed him slowly and ever so sensually. Unable to hold back any longer, he pulled her onto his lap, guiding his hard dick into her tight, wet pussy. She gasped when he slid home, gripping his body with her strong thighs. Their bodies ground together, skin sliding back and forth. He watched droplets of sweat run between her pert breasts and he pulled her firm, fit body tighter against his. The two of them fucked hard and fast, the adrenalin and endorphins of physical exercise driving them to a frenzied climax. Crying out he pumped spunk into the young London escort's writhing, shuddering body. 'Fuck,' he gasped, 'Fuck, fuck, fuck.' Her recovery was swift. That fit, youthful body perfectly trained for marathon sex. He breathed in her scent, his face pressed against her sweat drenched breasts. A smile crept across his lips. He was really looking forward to getting his London escort in the showers.


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