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Hot Sex in the Hot Tub with Two Escorts

One of the best things about being a rich man, reflected Stuart, was that you got to enjoy the finer things in life. In this case it was a glass of finely chilled Krug champagne, a whirlpool hot tub and the two sexy call girls that were about to get in it to enjoy some hot sex! There were few things Stuart enjoyed more than the company of a pair of sexy London bisexual escorts. Helen and Jade stood by the bath in their tiny white bikinis. Helen was quite short, with long blonde hair and lovely 34D breasts - the nipples of which were clearly visible through the thin material of her bikini top. Jade was taller, with red hair and long legs. She was slim and sexy, with a nice tight arse and a pair of sexy young breasts almost as pert and erotic as those of Helen. Testing the water with their toes, the two horny escorts got in and immediately snuggled up, one either side of their outcall client. He could feel their sexy young breasts pushing against his body. The two horny escorts began to get into the swing of things, and their hands began to wander up and down Stuart's chest. They leaned across him, and pressed their sexy lips together, kissing gently and teasing each other's tongues. A few moments later, Jade's long, perfectly-manicured fingers encircled the base of Stuart's cock. It was clear that some hot sex was on her mind! It stiffened instantly at the horny redhead escort's touch. Helen's hand was swiftly followed. The blonde escort reached inside Stuart's loose trunks and began idly tickling the base of his balls. He lifted himself up a little, and allowed the girls to slide his trunks off altogether. Helen took a deep breath, and plunged her head under the water. Stuart felt the tip of his hard cock being eased between the horny blonde escort's lips. The sexy London call girl was clearly very fit as she managed to stay under water giving exquisite head for almost a full minute! As she did so, Jade reached over and undid Helen's bikini top. Stuart put his hand under the water and massaged the sexy blonde's right breast. When Helen broke the surface again, her nipples were hard and water streamed off her cleavage. Jade had wasted no time in preparing for the hot sex, and had quickly stripped herself naked. The horny redhead outcall girl threw her bikini to one side and straddled Stuart, who put his hands around the red-haired escort's narrow waist. She leant forward and gave him a kiss, so that he could feel her soft breasts brush against his chest. The tip of his engorged shaft was tantalizingly close to her pussy. She ground her crotch in his lap for a few moments before lifting herself up a little. Reaching down between her legs she lined up his cock with the opening of her tight pussy and sank down. Stuart let out a gasp. Not wanting to miss out on the action with her sexy escort girlfriend, Helen positioned herself behind Jade, her beautiful round breasts pushed into the other call girl's back. As Jade began to move up and down on Stuart's cock, Helen moved her hands over the redhead escort's body. Helen's delicate little hands worked and kneaded Jade's breasts, gently squeezing and twisting the nipples so that the horny teenage redhead gasped. She then moved her hand down over Jade's stomach and began to explore further down. Jade gave a quiet groan as Helen's finger found her clitoris. Now she had a long cock inside her, and her sexy blonde bisexual escort girlfriend was behind her, working on her breasts and clitoris simultaneously. The hot sex made her come loudly. Then it was Helen's turn. Stuart was having a great time with the horny bisexual outcall escorts, but he hadn't yet shot his load - the London client was clearly saving it for Helen's tight pussy. The girls swapped places, and Helen sank on to Stuart's long hard cock while Jade, still recovering from her own intense orgasm, began to work and massage the blonde's lovely round breasts. They were clearly very sensitive, and the petite blonde escort was soon gasping, on the verge of coming herself. Stuart was taken aback. Jade the sexy redhead had a pussy as tight as you would expect for a sexy girl of twenty, but Helen's pussy was out of this world! The sexy escort's snatch was tighter than many escorts' arses - and Stuart had been in a few of those on various incalls and outcalls! He began to flex and move his pelvis, encouraging the sexy petite blonde to ride him hard. That's exactly what she did as she rode them both to orgasm. As he went over the edge, Stuart felt his cock pump a huge load of cum into Helen. At that exact moment, Jade's finger delved down between Helen's legs and furiously rubbed her clit, making her cum hard and fast. Hot sex in the hot tub was as good as it got, thought Stuart!


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