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Hot and Steamy GFE with Sexy Brunette Call Girl

The brunette escort hung up her coat, dropped her bag on a chair and walked into the kitchen. He followed her, looking around her incall apartment, admiring her good taste. Aisha turned and looked up at him through her long brunette locks. Her eyes were liquid desire. He couldn't help but look at the rise and fall of her breasts within the tight confines of her low-cut, figure-hugging dress. 'Coffee?' asked the London escort. 'Yes. Black and strong,' he replied. Aisha giggled and flicked the switch on the kettle. His eyes roamed over the brunette escort's curves. He loved the way that her dress cut into her slim waist and then stretched out over her hips and her cute ass. His hands reached for her, turning her away from the cups and coffee making equipment. Escort with brunette hair swung around her hair swishing, caressing her bare shoulders. She looked so adorable, so sexy. He pulled her close, pressing her body close to his, letting her know how aroused she had made him. Her body relaxed against his, their bodies moulding. Their lips met before opening, allowing tongues to explore. Hands roamed over each other's bodies, gasps and moans escaping from their questing mouths. He lifted the cute brunette escort up onto the kitchen counter and pushed her skirt up, finding the waist band of her tiny panties and pulling them down. His hand slid between her slick inner thighs. Fingers wandering, he found the tight wet hole, discovering her hidden depths with his fingers. Aisha moaned and kissed him harder. His other hand, flowed up her slim body, squeezed one of her breasts before lifting it out of her dress. He dropped his mouth to her perfect pink nipple, rolling it between his lips, sucking it, nibbling the sensitive peak. 'Oh, wow,' gasped the young brunette escort. She pressed her face against the top of his head, kissing him. The brunette escort groaned and spread her legs wider for him. His lips found hers once again, kissing her hard. Aisha's trembling hands found the fastening for his trousers, unzipped the barrier to her need and released his straining erection. Her small hand gripped his shaft and stroked along the length, raising his ardour even more. 'I want to fuck you so badly,' he said. 'Me too,' she said, breaking their kiss and looking into his eyes, 'I want you here and now.' He pulled the South Kensington escort against him, guiding his hard dick into the wet heat of her pussy. The effect was instant, his whole body flooded with euphoria. The brunette escort wrapped her long legs around him, drawing him deep with each thrust. He was vaguely aware of the kettle boiling, steam billowing around them, adding to the heat. Their bodies slammed against each other, fucking hard and fast. There was no thought of finesse - only mind-blowing animalistic sex. 'Yes, fuck, yes,' she cried out, her pussy gripping his thrusting cock, in rhythmic pulses. Spunk rushed up his shaft  and emptied inside her dripping wet cunt. His heart was hammering and his legs shuddering. His breathing gradually returned to normal and he withdrew from her body which was still trembling. He kissed her sensuously, his hands in her soft hair. The kitchen was full of steam, the coffee forgotten.


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