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Hostel Sex with my German Roommates - Part 1

Evi was taking a break from escorting work in order to travel the UK. Being an Eastern European girl, she was keen to explore what her adopted country had to offer. As a student escort, she didn't have a wealth of money - most of it went to paying her tuition fees. So the young callgirl decided to stay in hostels rather than hotels - it was more economical and a great chance to make some new friends and perhaps even have some hostel sex! She was in Cornwall and had retired to the hostel she'd booked, wanting to relax and have an early night. She unpacked her bags and put her things inside her locker. Evi was just settling down for the night when the dormitory door opened and four German men entered the room. It was a six person dormitory, but what Evi hadn't realised was that it was mixed sex! She was in a bottom bunk and it seemed they hadn't seen her yet as they were chatting loudly and making far too much noise. The young student call girl coughed softly so that they knew they had company in the room. They turned, slightly startled and immediately apologised for the noise. Evi smiled. She was wearing leggings and an over-sized t-shirt which she somehow managed to make look very sexy. The Germans introduced themselves in broken but understandable English. They were Gunther, Klaus, Petr and Lothus. All four of them were tall and rather ripped and chiseled. This could well be Evi's lucky night! She could feel herself getting wet just chatting to them. They mentioned they were going for a drink and invited her to join them. However Evi politely declined saying that she was up early and would settle down with her book before she slept. They trooped off and Petr smiled at her before he left the room, closing the door softly behind him. Evi started to read her book - an erotic novel. Along with the hot guys with which she was sharing the room, the book made her ever so horny for hostel sex. She slipped her hand downstairs and started to finger herself - after all, she worked as an escort - it was well known that premium London city escorts had insatiable sex drives! Despite the pleasure that playing with herself gave her, she decided to give up and sleep. She wasn't going to reach orgasm without her favourite sex toy. She laid back and closed her eyes to try to get some sleep. It was then she heard a sound by the door. Evi opened her eyes and sat upright - it was Petr! She asked what he was doing there and he told her that he didn't want her to have to play all by herself. Evi felt so embarrassed - he had seen her masturbating! He moved in and started to kiss her - she returned his kiss with passion. She was still horny from her solo play and didn't care if anyone came in and saw them. In fact, that just made the whole thing so much hotter. Evi the escort just wanted hostel sex right now. Right now she would be fucked by anyone. As he kissed her, they stripped him naked. Petr's chest and abs were muscular and firm - as was his long and thick dick which was now fully hard. The young student escort felt her wetness running down her thighs. Petr ran his fingers up her thighs before sliding them inside. As his fingers penetrated her, his thumb rested and rubbed her clit. Evi begged him for more. The German pressed himself up against her and nibbled on her earlobe. As he did so, his dick pressed up against her pussy. Evi wanted him inside her so she hastily grabbed his dick and pushed it inside of her. Petr responded to this by thrusting his crotch forward, pushing his big hard cock deep inside the student escort's tight wet pussy. The young and muscular German slapped her ass hard as he fucked her and she loved it - loved hostel sex. Each time she moaned he slapped her again and she thrust her hips forward onto him, eager to take in his whole cock. It wasn't long before she was ready to cum, she had been playing for a long time and the sensations had built up. She dug her nails into his back and he forced his cock as deep as he could into her. She screamed and came just as the door opened and the three other buff Germans entered the room! Evi saw them all start to get naked and make their way over to the bed. This was going to be a long night of hostel sex! Evi was a little tired after having hostel sex with her first German hunk but now there was three more muscular guys to look after! What's more, Petr's erect cock suggested he wasn't yet done either! Despite her work as an escort, she'd never had four guys at once. Such a prospect excited her a lot! As the guys approached her bed she reached out with two hands and grabbed the nearest two hunks' cocks. She pulled on them and led both dicks to her willing mouth. The student escort sat on the edge of the bed, force-feeding herself two big cocks. Evi drooled over over how big and juicy they were and let her tongue run all over them. Her full lips sucked and kissed the tips of the cocks and then she took them in deep, almost swallowing them whole. As she did this she felt a presence by her thighs and knew that someone wanted their own piece of hostel sex. She opened her legs and felt a head of hair pass up between her thighs and a tongue start flicking against her soaking pussy. She gobbled the two cocks on offer as a German tongue slid in and out of her pussy. She was really wet down there after her previous fucking. Petr, who had fucked Evi earlier, wanted to join in and crawled on the bed next to her. The German leaned in and started to French kiss her as he pushed his friend's head deeper into her pussy. The London escort was being pleasured all over her body by these four guys but now her thoughts had turned to getting fucked by them all. How would she fit them all in for hostel sex? She moaned and ordered them all to fuck her. Petr was the first to react. He took her by the hand and led her to the rug on the floor. He laid down and grabbed her hips pulling her onto his erection. She lowered herself onto his huge cock while beckoning the others to come and join in. As she rode Petr's cock, another of the Germans stood in front of her and fed his cock to her, while another contorted his body somewhat and pushed his lube covered cock into her arse. She hadn't expected this but had done anal before and really enjoyed it - she felt so full! The remaining German joined the guy stood over her and put his cock in her mouth. The two German guys fucking her mouth thrusted in and out. Evi was in hostel sex heaven!  All of her holes were filled with four hot guys cocks. The student escort could sense that all of the guys were close to cumming and she wanted to be covered in it. So Evi hopped off the two cocks that were fucking her pussy and arse and. Kneeling down between the four German men she beckoned them to cum on her. They wanked furiously in the direction of her face. One of the guys moaned loudly and released his spunk on her face, covering her forehead and chin. The others then all joined him, spurting loads of hot sticky cum in Evi's expectant face. They would definitely all need a shower - now that would be interesting!


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