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The Debut of a Perfect Slim Blonde Escort

Holly had recently signed up with an exclusive London escort agency to help pay her student debts. The slim blonde was still in her final year at university studying Psychology but her financial situation had got to the point where she felt she had to make ends meet. The slim blonde told herself that she needed the money. In truth, the sexy young student rather liked the idea of being an escort. The idea of having sex with men she didn't know was a real turn-on. This was especially the case if they were older guys - they tended to be so much more experienced. Judging from the amount of interest her London escort agency had had since Holly's pictures went up on its website, those older guys found the idea a turn-on too. By looking at her escort profile photos you could see the reason why. She was slim and had long blonde hair. Her long legs made it seem like she was tall but she was of average height. Her cute face had high cheekbones and full lips while her skin was flawlessly smooth. Her 34C breasts were round and firm and looked bigger on her slender frame. Her very first appointment as a sexy London escort was an outcall to a posh Park Lane hotel. The sexy slim blonde walked confidently through the lobby but as she took the lift to her client she began to get nervous. What if she didn't perform to his expectations? She buried her worries and walked down the corridor to room 385 and knocked on the door. When Nigel let her in, he greeted with a big smile. The sexy young London escort was immediately relieved that she clearly had a friendly first customer. He was cute too - in his late forties, but slim, fit-looking and tanned. As soon as she walked through the door he looped his arm around her waist and gave her a kiss on the cheek. A few moments later the young slim blonde was sat on the sofa in the living room with a glass of chilled white wine in her hand, talking about her life as if she'd known Nigel for ages. They talked and drank wine for half an hour. It was a three hour outcall appointment and they had plenty of time. Yet the young escort girl was careful not to have too much wine. She wanted to be on top form when the time came. Eventually the time did come, gently and naturally. Nigel had been sitting next to Holly on the sofa when, all of a sudden, he leant over and began to kiss her on the lips. A few moments later they were fumbling with each other's clothes. Martin's shirt and designer jeans came off quickly, as did the sexy young escort's smart business suit, revealing some very sexy lingerie underneath. It all felt so much more natural than Holly had expected. Instead of having to force herself to act like her client's girlfriend, she found it came naturally to her. Some of the other girls at her elite London escort agency had told her that this usually happened, though not always on the very first incall or outcall appointment. If Holly hadn't been so sexually aroused and intent on giving her client the best GFE, the slim blonde would have taken the time to feel proud of herself. Within a few moments they were on the bed and kissing passionately. Holly's bra was taken off, and the next second she felt Nigel's tongue begin to flick quickly over her nipples. The feeling was teasing but strangely intense. She half wanted to lie back and enjoy the sensation as her outcall client showed every sign of enjoying giving the sexy teenage escort pleasure. Yet she instinctively wanted to make him come. Reaching downwards, she plunged her hand into Nigel's boxers and wrapped it around the long, hard shaft of his cock. With her fingers pointing downwards, the cute young escort gave a couple of experimental pumps, and was gratified to feel it getting harder under her hand. She could feel that Nigel was very well endowed; more so than any of her previous boyfriends. The slim blonde escort began to anticipate him penetrating her soft, wet pussy. But she wanted him in her mouth first. Sliding down the bed, she pulled Nigel's cock clean out of his boxer shorts and admired it. Without further ado, she covered the tip with her lips and let her head sink down, admitting the long shaft into her mouth and tickling his stomach and thighs with her long blonde hair. Her outcall client's cock swelled gratifyingly in her mouth as she gave him OWO, and he gasped slightly as she took him deep down. Like most London escorts of all levels of experience, Holly absolutely loved having a cock in her mouth almost as much as she liked having one in her pussy - almost. The sexy slim blonde sucked some more, pulling lovingly on Nigel's hard flesh and feeling his foreskin roll up and down, pulled by the heavy suction she exerted. A few moments later her efforts were rewarded as Nigel came and cum jetted into the back of her throat. She swallowed it greedily and then licked the end of her outcall client's cock to get every last drop. She noticed that he was still hard. He would soon be ready for some proper fucking. Her pussy got even wetter at the thought of it. If all escorting was like this then it was definitely the job for her!


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