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Her First Sexy Escort Girl

I stood nervously in front of the hotel mirror waiting for my first escort. I inspected my naked body and appreciated the view. I was grateful for the cardio and light weightlifting that I had done over the last year. I had started to admire the other ladies at the gym too and began spending more time in the women's changing room than the gym, particularly the ladies only sauna, where many went nude. I had always been with men in the past, but knew that I was interested in sex with girls - I'd always had that bisexual curiosity. I put on a fluffy white robe and sat on the large hotel bed. I glanced over at the clock and my heartbeat increased. In a few minutes, my first escort would arrive. I felt a mixture of excitement and anxiety. No one could ever believe that I'd do a thing like this. I was seen as the good girl - pure and innocent. A soft knock interrupted my thoughts and I was on my feet. I found myself removing my robe, rolling back my shoulders, and confidently opening the door. As the door opened, someone even prettier than her escort agency photos stood before me. My first escort was tall with long blonde hair and lightly tanned skin. She was wearing a short red dress and her breasts looked huge in contrast to her tiny and toned stomach while her legs seemingly went on forever. I suddenly realised that I hadn't prepared the money in advance as requested and became quite nervous. I frantically searched for my purse and cursed myself for not having it ready. I was counting out the money, when my blonde outcall escort placed her hands on top of mine. She took the cash, counted it out, placed it in her purse, pushed me on the bed, and lay beside me. "First escort?" she teased. "Pretty obvious?" I asked, still a little nervous. "Pretty hot is more like it." My cheeks flushed with color and she pulled me towards her lips. A hunger came upon me and I locked lips with her and allowed my tongue to dance with hers. I began feeling up her body and found her doing the same to me. She rolled me on my back and straddled my waist. I sat up and pulled her dress over her head to reveal her fully nude body. I leaned forward and cupped my first escort's breast with my left hand before sucking on her nipple. The blonde escort moaned appreciatively. She pushed me back against the bed and kissed her way down my body. I tensed up slightly as she went further below. My first escort started off gently by licking, before gently inserting one finger at a time into my soaking wet pussy until she had three inside me. I could feel my body growing warm and slowly convulsing from her touch. I screamed out but she didn't stop. She kept going and my body began to shake and shiver. She removed her hands from inside me and giggled. She looked up at me from down below and said "I always like to get the first orgasm out of the way. Now let's see how many more you can have over these next few hours." Angels of London - For the hottest ladies to book in London


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