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The Healing Hands of a Bisexual Call Girl

Hannah was used to doing all kinds of things on incall appointments as a bisexual escort. She'd been taken in all sorts of ways from all different angles, with sex toys, with other escorts and with couples. It's fair to say she'd done some pretty exciting stuff in her time. But today was unusual. Her client, James, was lying on the bed in the young call girl's incall apartment in Bayswater. He was completely naked. She wasn't naked at all: on the contrary, she was still fully dressed. He'd asked her to stay that way. 'So,' said the sexy bisexual escort, 'what can I do for you?' 'Is it okay if you just use your hands?' asked James. 'I like the feel of a girl's hands on my cock. Start off nice and slowly.' 'Are you sure you don't want me naked?' 'I'm sure.' With that he lay back and shut his eyes. His flaccid cock lay there, challenging the bisexual escort. And she wasn't even allowed to use OWO - the most elementary of the escort girl's tools. There was to be no sucking this cock so it could spurt its salty load in her mouth. Luckily, she was an expert at more than just OWO. She walked over to the other side of the room and picked up her dressing gown. Removing the cord, she discarded the rest of the gown and walked back over to the bed. Then, very gently, she looped the thick cord round the base of James' cock and balls and knotted it. She tied the knot and adjusted it so that she was sure it was comfortable on her incall client. His cock began to stiffen and grow. She took his shaft in both hands and began to gently play with it, caressing it and tracing the lines of its veins with the tip of one of her long nails. A tiny drop of pre-cum appeared. She placed the tips of her finely manicured thumb and forefinger halfway down his shaft and began to pump very gently. Using long, slow strokes, the bisexual escort girl worked on her client's hardness. James opened his eyes, and turned his head towards the bisexual escort's chest, tightly encased in a thin strappy top. He lifted his hand and began to run his palm around the base of the busty young girl's 34D pair. 'Shall I take my top off now?' she asked. 'Yes, I think that would be nice.' Barely altering her stroke on his rock hard cock, Hannah pulled her top over her head and unclipped her lacy black bra with one hand. Her lovely pert young breasts were unleashed, and she felt James' hand wander over them. Returning her attention to what her own hand was up to, she changed position on his cock. She wrapped her palm around its thickness, mimicking the tight of her pussy - which was becoming increasingly wet. She pumped from the wrist, giving the shaft an occasional squeeze. James was gasping and moaning. Truth be told, she was getting quite excited herself. His hands knew what they were doing too, and she'd always had very sensitive breasts. In the past she'd been able to bring herself to the brink of orgasm just by rubbing and fondling her own breasts, only having to quickly slide a finger into her own juiced pussy to give herself a great orgasm. Now it was time to teach James a trick she knew. She stopped pulling on his shaft, and moved her hand right to its base. Gently, she pulled down so that the skin of his cock was tight, and his foreskin was pulled back all the way. Her thumb and forefinger kept it taught while the other fingers of the same hand stretched down to rest on his balls. Carefully, she licked the thumb and forefinger of her other hand and placed one each side of his shaft, on the soft flesh between the purple glans and the top of the pulled-back foreskin. 'Right, James,' she said. 'This is a trick all the best bisexual escorts know. It's called "opening the bottle"'. Keeping up a gently pressure on the top of his cock, the busty call girl began to move her saliva-lubricated thumb and forefinger backwards and forwards, as if alternately screwing and unscrewing the top of a bottle. Fast at first, she began to slow down as James' pleasure grew and he began to gasp. She knew that this technique worked best if it was done slowly, deliberately and firmly as the incall client came. It wasn't long before he did. Just as Hannah felt his cock stiffen even more under her fingers, he gave a cry, the tip twitched, and an enormous load of cum was pumped out. The escort knew that the bottle trick always made men come hard, but she'd never seen anyone produce that much. She leant over just in time to catch the fountain of cum on her face and cum on her boobs. She sat up again so that it ran down and gathered around her nipples. James was nearly unconscious with pleasure. The bisexual London escort hoped her client would wake up soon - she wanted him to use his healing hands on her pussy.


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