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Young Blonde Call Girl Loves Her Escort Job

Hannah really wanted to be a TV star - and one day, maybe she would become one. She'd left school with good A-levels, and earned a place on a drama course at a London university. The young blonde wasn't the most academic student, but she was enthusiastic and had a natural talent for acting. Of course, it helped that she was hot too. Around average height, she was slim and sexy with long blonde hair that fell down over her steel-blue eyes. She liked to wear her tops unbuttoned so that she could feel eyes exploring her cleavage. Her breasts weren't huge but there was something about them that demanded attention - perhaps it was their perfect shape. Like so many other sexy teenage girls at university in London, it didn't take Hannah long to run out of money. Although the young blonde came from a pretty wealthy family (she'd even been sent to private school), she didn't want to ask her dad for more cash as he'd only give her a lecture about the importance of being independent and saving money. So, because she knew she was good-looking and loved sex, she signed up with a top London escort agency and became a high class callgirl! This particular profession suited her very well indeed. During the daytime she would study hard for her degree, and at night she would have fun on incalls and outcalls with horny guys. She loved everything about escorting, from giving OWO to a full GFE. She was also a big fan of anal sex and BDSM play. In short, she was the kind of versatile, sexy and outgoing escort that escort agency clients just love. Hannah was pretty nervous when she first started her escorting career, but she soon got into the swing of things. She enjoyed the sex, and she enjoyed the money. But the date she enjoyed most of all was with Dave; a London businessman who was a pretty big cheese in the world of IT. He'd looked at the websites of several London escort agencies. Ideally he'd wanted a girl who was young, slim and blonde. Eventually he'd stumbled upon Hannah. Their incall date was very memorable indeed. Hannah led Dave into her bedroom, which retained the girly, untidy atmosphere of a typical student room. The young blonde knew that her escort agency's clients valued authenticity, particularly during a GFE. Pushing Dave gently back on to her bed, she climbed on top of him. He was in his mid-twenties, slim, with a full head of ginger hair. Working her way gently down his body she undid his jeans, unleashing a long, stiff cock. She wanted it inside her as soon as possible. But first, there were some escort essentials to go through. The horny young escort bent her head down and took Dave's cock into her mouth. She was rewarded with a distinct stiffening, and a subtle, salty taste of pre-cum. This was one horny client! Carefully, and with professional consideration, Hannah took Dave's long cock deep into her mouth, enjoying the sensation of it brushing the back of her throat. Dave was in heaven. The sexy young student escort's mouth was warm and and sensual, and he was somewhat concerned that he was going to blow his load early if she carried on like this. But he needn't have worried. Hannah may have been young, but she was a sufficiently experienced female escort to know that the intense experience of OWO could bring a client to climax far too quickly. She withdrew Dave's long shaft from her mouth as quickly as she had taken it in, and instead concentrated her considerable energies on stripping off. She virtually tore her top over her head, and her jeans were off just as quickly. She went back to sitting astride her client, wearing only a baby blue bra and panties. 'Well?' she said. 'Well what?' replied Dave. 'Would you like to fuck me now?' Dave didn't even bother giving a verbal reply, instead rolling over so that the horny young blonde escort was tossed on her back on the bed. He gently pulled her panties down, revealing her pussy which was trimmed smooth. It was a small, tight slit and it glistened with excitement. A second later Dave had the sexy young model escort's legs spread, the end of his cock nudging against her pussy. He bent down so that her ear was next to his lips. 'Say please,' he said. She paused. Then, in her tiniest, sweetest, girliest voice she responded: 'Pleeease.' He thrust inside her, enjoying the tightness of her wet pussy. Hannah gasped as Dave's long shaft burrowed deep inside her. He grasped the horny callgirl's buttocks as he penetrated deeply. Very soon she was on the edge of orgasm and screaming out as she came. At the same instant the young blonde felt her client come hard. That was part of the fun of being an escort for Hannah - work and pleasure all at the same time!


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