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Handcuffed by Arresting Redhead Call Girl

The redhead London escort had her knee against his balls. He lay face down naked on the floor, his legs spread. Edith pressed her knee closer, increasing the pressure on his already swollen balls. The smooth nylon of her stockings was soft against his vulnerable skin. She grasped his hands and pulled them roughly together across his back. 'You are a very naughty boy,' she said, 'Nakedness is a crime punishable by sexual deviance.' He felt the cold steel of handcuffs snap around his wrists. 'How do you plead?' asked the London escort, leaning forward. Her crisp police uniform was against his back and her soft red hair slid over his neck. 'Guilty, Officer Edith,' he groaned, 'Guilty as charged.' 'Good,' the hot redhead escort murmured in his ear before biting the ear lobe and giving it a gentle tug. The Notting Hill escort hauled him to his knees and turned him so that he came face to face with her neatly shaved pussy. He looked up at her, taking in the tight fitting, low-cut uniform that displayed her deep cleavage and barely covered her curvaceous hips. Edith spread her long shapely legs, stretching the suspender clips that held up her black stockings. Without ceremony, the sexy redhead escort grabbed his head and pushed his face into her wet pussy. Lick it,' she said. His tongue flicked out, finding her engorged clit with ease. The erotic taste of her pussy made his dick harden so much that it hurt. He listened to her gasps and moans and felt the trembles in her soft, sexy thighs. Soon she pushed him away. 'I need to fuck a dick,' she said. Her words made him groan out loud. Edith pulled him to his feet and pushed him into a chair, his hands still cuffed behind his back. The naughty redhead escort straddled him, shoving her huge breasts into his face and sliding her tight wet pussy onto his hard cock. 'That's it,' she said, 'take your punishment, you naughty man. Give me the dick that I need, be my sex toy.' Edith's sexy hips thrust against him, driving his cock deep inside her hot pussy. He could hardly breathe with his face so deep inside her fabulous cleavage. Her hands massaged his scalp whilst she held his face between her breasts. 'Good boy,' she crooned. He heard himself call out; a guttural, wordless call of triumphant release. His balls squeezed and his cock throbbed and jumped inside her. Ecstasy rushed up the length of his cock pumping spunk into her beautiful body. Edith's pussy muscles tightened in rhythmic contractions drawing every last drop of cum from him. The redhead's fingers tightened on his head as she groaned and writhed in his lap. 'Yes,' she shouted, 'Best arrest I've ever made.' Angels of London - For the sexiest ladies to book in London


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