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Golden Banquet with Polish Call Girl Martina

Watersport, anal sex and OWO were all on the menu for today with the Polish escort. Martina was versatile and lots of fun. He always looked forward to their dates and this time she had promised him a golden banquet. Lying on the bed, waiting for her to make her entrance, he was already hard, his heart pounding, his mouth dry. Martina was the sexiest Polish escort in London, nobody else compared to her sex appeal, her warmth, her versatility. He liked nothing better than a woman who loved sex and the Polish escort undoubtedly loved everything about the carnal pursuits. His breath caught when the door opened. Martina stood in the doorway. She wore gold strappy high heels, a sheer gold thong, no bra and a sheer gold jacket with a fur trim. He couldn't stop looking at her heavy, round breasts, his eyes mesmerised by their bounce and sway as she walked across the room. Reaching the foot of the bed, the brunette escort crawled up the mattress, her sexy eyes watching him, a naughty smile playing around the corners of her full lips. The Polish escort reached his straining erection and blew on the tip. He felt his cock jump and listened to her laugh with delight. 'Oh, he's feeling playful tonight,' she exclaimed. 'You always make him want to play,' he said. The sexy Polish escort grasped his shaft in her small, feminine hand and pulled his stiff dick back towards her mouth. He watched his cock slip between her lips, feeling the moist pressure as her cheeks closed around him. She took him deep, his whole length disappearing, the tip bouncing against the back of her throat whilst she sucked with a steady rhythm. Just as he felt certain he was going to come, she stopped and turned her back to him, showing him her peachy behind. He grabbed the bottle of lube from the nighstand and knelt behind her, taking a moment to run his hands over her soft ass cheeks. Squirting a generous amount of lube between her cheeks, he pushed the Polish escort's thong aside. Wasting no time, he lined his cock up and slowly pushed it inside her tight asshole. Watching his hard dick slowly disappear up her ass, gave him an instant kick. Martina dipped her head, pushing her ass back against him, taking him deeper. 'Mmmm,' she moaned, circling her hips, 'That feels so good. Fuck me til you come.' He drove into her, revelling in the tight grip that her ass gave him. Martina gasped and groaned, tremors running through the Paddington escort's exquisite body. Just when he knew that he couldn't hold back any longer, her felt her pussy convulse, tightening the hold her asshole had on his shaft. Pleasure burst through him, the intensity robbing him of his vision, blood rushing in his ears. His body shook and shuddered whilst cum pumped up her ass, draining him of all his balls had to give. The Polish escort slid away from him, his cock released from her ass. She slipped onto the floor and knelt for him. 'Shower me with your golden nectar,' she said. Kneeling up on the bed, he aimed his softening cock at her face and released the pressure in his bladder. A golden shower gushed over the beautiful slim escort, drenching her face, sticking her golden garment to her supple skin, running over her breasts, down her flat belly, over her barely covered pussy and between her toned thighs. The rush of pleasure he got from the sight was unprecedented. He knew that he'd be booking another golden banquet very soon.


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