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Young Blonde Escort Girl in Girlfriend Experience

Caroline looked down at the hotel room bed on which her latest outcall client was lying. The young blonde escort knew that his name was Alan, but that was all. It was time for her to get to work providing the girlfriend experience! When Alan had phoned Caroline's escort agency he had asked for the full girlfriend experience. It was a pretty common request. And Caroline knew how to give it. She kicked off her high heels before glancing at herself in the mirror. The black business suit was a little tight around her busty frame, but it looked good. She checked her makeup in a split-second, and then crawled on to the bed. She stalked over Alan on all fours, like a big cat after its prey. She straddled him, her tight skirt running up her thighs, before lowering her head so it was right next to his ear. "Hard day at work, darling?" " certainly was", replied Alan. She felt his hands run up her thighs and round to the cheeks of her perfect arse. He pulled the sexy young escort down on to him so that her pussy ground against his groin. Even through all those layers she could feel the hardness of his cock. It was time to do something about the clothes she was still wearing. She sat up and took off her jacket. The secret of giving a great girlfriend experience was to really be the client's girlfriend, to please and seduce him - they were to make love, not fuck. Slowly she unbuttoned her blouse, and took it off. Her breasts were almost bursting out of her lacy bra, nipples already erect. Giving a guy a girlfriend experience often made the young escort get carried away - especially if it was a sexy older man such as Alan. She reached down and undid her skirt so that it now sat loosely on her hips. Next, Caroline bent over and kissed Alan full on the mouth, her tongue probing and exploring while her hands remove his jacket and waistcoat and undid his tie. She began to rhythmically grind her pussy against him. She was wet now, and he could probably feel the dampness soaking through her tiny thong and into his crotch. She ground harder. Still kissing him, she reached down and undid his trousers, easing them down from him waist. She virtually ripped his shirt open with sheer enthusiasm. Kissing down his chest, she got to his swollen cock which was protruding from his boxers. Ever so slowly, she started to give him very gentle OWO. She heard him gasp as she ran her lips down his shaft, taking him deep down her throat. It was time to get really sexy. Taking the tip of his cock in one hand she rubbed it in circles around her own heavily-swollen clitoris. Then she allowed him inside - just an inch at first. Keeping her pelvis raised so that he couldn't penetrate any deeper, she bent down once more to whisper in his ear. "Say please," she said. "Please...." And with this, she sank down on him, taking his long cock deep inside her. They got straight into a steady rhythm. The call girl could feel the head of his cock probing deep inside her. This was what a girlfriend experience was all about. Caroline sat up so that her sexy 34D breasts poked into the air. Alan had his hands on her hips to control her movement and his thrusting inside her. He raised one and began to play with her left breast. As Alan played with Caroline's young tits, the escort reached down between her legs and began to work her clitoris. She could feel his long hard cock just millimetres away, thrusting in and out of her like a piston in a high-performance car. She knew that she herself couldn't hold out much longer, and, judging by the look of ecstasy on his face, Alan was in the same situation. She felt his cock twitch as the first waves of her own orgasm began to shudder through her body. Her fingers reached even further between her legs and she squeezed the base of Alan's cock as he came. Later that evening, Caroline lay on her back and idly played with her pussy with one hand while the other caressed Alan's large, firm manhood. This, she thought, was what the girlfriend experience was all about! Angels of London - For the sexiest ladies to book in London


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