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Sexy GFE Call Girl Kassandra Likes it Sweet as Pie

The GFE escort kissed him sensuously on the lips. Kassandra's sexy body pressed against his, her bare breasts soft and his stiffening cock sliding along her smooth stomach. They had been fucking all afternoon and the blonde London escort was as insatiable as he was. Of all the escorts in London he had found the right escort for him, that was for sure. Kassandra was hot and horny. No matter how much he got of her, he wanted more. No woman had been able to match his libido before. 'I think it's time for dessert,' murmured the sexy GFE escort, her hand slipping between his thighs and cupping his balls. 'Dessert?' he said, 'Are you ever satisfied?' 'You make me so hungry,' purred the blonde London escort, nibbling on his sensitive earlobe, 'The more I get, the more ravenous I am.' 'I can't deny you anything,' he groaned, his dick aching for her attention, 'What would you like for dessert?' 'Apple pie,' said the GFE escort, reaching for the flavoured gel on the night stand, 'I love this stuff.' He grinned. The apple pie gel meant only one thing, he was going to get some divine OWO. Not for the first or last time, he congratulated himself on going to the best escort agency in London and one of the very best escorts in London. Kassandra grinned back, biting her bottom lip in that sexy way of hers. The sexy blonde London escort wriggled her beautiful body down the bed and gave her client's stiff, naked cock a kiss and a lick before smothering it in her favourite apple pie gel. He lay back and luxuriated in the feel of her silky, blonde hair against his thighs and the heat of the GFE escort's mouth on his dick. Kassandra really did love apple pie. The sexy GFE escort licked and sucked enthusiastically, teasing and tantalising, raising his ardour to new heights. He bucked and writhed beneath her expert oral attention. 'I need to give you dessert more often,' he gasped, 'I didn't think it was possible for you to get any better than you were but this is incredible.' The South Kensington escort wiggled her ass in pleasure at his compliments, her cock sucking becoming more urgent as her own lust increased. Just as he thought he was going to come for the fourth time that day, the blonde London escort stopped. 'Inside me,' she begged, 'I need you to come inside me.' He nodded and cried out with pleasure when the stunning GFE escort straddled him and lowered her tight, wet pussy onto his sticky, slippery cock. She grabbed his hand and pressed his thumb against her swollen clit. Her sexy hips thrust, taking him deep. She let out a little scream, her pussy convulsing around his shaft. 'Come for me, baby,' she said, 'Come for me.' And he did.


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