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GFE Call Girl gets Soaking Wet

His day with the Venezuelan escort had been magical. Museums, cafes, galleries, stolen kisses and her vivacious company; Mirella was a beautiful and passionate delight. He was so glad that he had found the best escort agency in London and that he had booked the sexy GFE escort for a date. They were walking in the park back to his hotel. The warm sunshine that had been a part of their day was rapidly fading, smothered by an ominously dark cloud. The London GFE escort pressed her body close to his, sharing in his warmth and he wrapped his arm tighter around her bare shoulder. Mirella looked up at him and smiled, he bent his head and kissed her sensuous lips. Suddenly the heavens opened and rain poured down. The Venezuelan escort gasped and held out her hands, her face turned up towards the sky. She was laughing. He had never seen such an erotic sight. The hot GFE escort was soaked to the skin, her thin dress clinging to her sexy curves, her lacy underwear showing through the drenched material. He felt himself get hard, his erection pushing against the confines of his trousers. Mirella had stopped laughing, she was looking at him, her expression intense, her dark eyes smouldering. The sexy GFE escort held out her hand to him and he took it. Before he knew what was happening, he found himself pulled into a thicket of trees. Her feminine hands were around the back of his neck, her lips were on his, kissing him deeply, their wet bodies pressed tightly together. He pushed her up against the trunk of a tree and she gasped, kissing him more passionately, grinding her hips against his straining erection. His hands slid up the GFE escort's wet, bare legs and pulled down her sodden panties. 'Yes,' breathed Mirella, 'Yes. That's right. Fuck me here, in the rain.' The passionate escort undid his trousers, tugging them and his underwear down to his knees. Rain splashed over the hot, tight skin of his dick before Mirella wrapped a shapely leg around his ass and pulled him close. The GFE escort tipped her hips forward and helped guide his hard cock into her tight, wet pussy. 'You're even soaking wet on the inside,' he groaned. She laughed, 'It was you who did that to me', she said with a giggle. He thrust into her, turning her laughter into moans of pleasure. Their hips moved in unison. Fucking in the rain up against a tree, lost to everything except each other. Mirella was so hot and so passionate. The Venezuelan escort showed no restraint as every part of her incredible body shivered and shuddered when she let out her triumphant cry. The outcall client buried his face in the GFE escort's hair. 'I'm coming too,' he murmured and felt his whole body buck when the spunk shot into her quivering pussy. Pulses of pleasure pumped more and more cum into the beautiful escort. When his climax finally abated, they stood, locked together against the trunk of the tree, breathing hard, warming each other's necks. The rain stopped as suddenly as it had begun and the warm sun found its way through the trees. Steam rose from their hot, wet bodies as they re-arranged their clothing and made their way back to the hotel.


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