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Hot GFE Escort Provides the Best GFE in London

Cristina sat back on the sofa of her regular incall client. He visited her once a week at her Bayswater incall apartment and always wanted the same service. In all honesty, it was what she most enjoyed too. Cristina was a Polish escort who specialized in providing the best girlfriend experience in London. This typically involved a more intimate style such as kissing, cuddling and talking. Of course, talking was by no means essential! But since many regular incall clients liked to take the time to get to know their GFE callgirl, chatting about many things was certainly a part of it. Cristina felt she had got to know her regular incall client well. His name was Lee and he owned a bike store near her Bayswater incall apartment. She knew that he wasn’t interested in a serious relationship but still wanted the advantages of having a girlfriend without all of the commitment. It was this sort of perception that made the Polish escort the best GFE callgirl in London. Of course, it was a two way street. Lee had taken the time to get to know his incall escort very well indeed – from her favourite food to her preferred sex positions in the bedroom! Having enjoyed a lovely light meal together, there they were reclined on the sofa, glass of red wine in hand. Cristina felt so comfortable with Lee – she and all of her escort friends felt a special bond with their most regular incall clients. Setting her glass of red wine on the glass table in front of her, she turned to Lee and leaned in, kissing his neck and whispering “I want you to make love to me, Lee.” Lee turned to his GFE callgirl and returned her kiss, burying his face in her neck. Their kisses were passionate and raw, both clearly in the mood for some GFE sex. Their hands wandered, exploring the curves of each other’s bodies. The Polish escort stood up and led her regular incall client by the hand through her Bayswater flat. Arriving in the master bedroom, they collapsed in a heap on the bed, bodies intertwined. The intimate nature of the girlfriend experience meant that French kissing was also involved. Cristina slipped her tongue between Lee’s lips and teased his tongue, ever so softly. She could feel the bulge of his penis beneath his jeans and urged him to take them off. Standing up, Lee removed his clothes revealing his athletic body. The GFE callgirl found her regular incall client’s body to be such a turn on. She too began to remove her clothing; first her elegant black dress and then her red luxury lingerie. Cristina’s breasts were an ample 36C and were perfectly shaped. Her body was slim and toned, clearly the product of many long gym sessions. The GFE callgirl’s long blonde hair fell beyond her shoulders, reaching the milky white skin of her lower back. She lay there naked, legs spread and arms outstretched, imploring her Bayswater incall client to come to her. Lee went to her but went lower than her waiting arms. Ever so slowly he traced his tongue from the Polish escort’s cute belly button down to her shaved pussy. Gently, he began to tickle her clitoris with the tip of her tongue as Cristina, the best GFE in London moaned and clutched at his hair. Sufficiently wet, the Polish GFE implored her incall companion to be inside her. Lee slowly slid his dick inside her, as Cristina gasped taking it in. She wrapped her legs around in his back creating a cradle and they rocked together, the regular incall client’s penis deep inside the Polish escort’s pussy. Her milky white breasts bounced with their motion, as Lee continued to thrust inside her. Lee hadn’t been going for long when his breath became heavy – he was close to climaxing. Pulling out, the Bayswater client began to jerk his cock over the GFE callgirl’s breasts which were heaving as they breathed, out of breath from their sexual activity. With a groan Lee came, squirting his love-juice all over the Polish escort’s perfect tits. They kissed, still deep in ecstasy and both already thinking about their next GFE experience together.


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