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Getting Dirty With a Redhead Call Girl

The escort with redhead followed him into the shower. Carmen was insatiable and she wasn't about to turn down the opportunity to get a little dirty whilst getting clean. His look of surprise was betrayed by the hardening of his cock. She knew that he found her irresistible. How could he not? Her slim body had incredible curves while her large breasts and rounded ass were just a few of her obvious charms. She picked up the shower gel and squeezed a generous amount into her hand. Warm water ran over their naked bodies and he pulled her close, kissing her as she soaped his body and hers. The sexy London escort's breasts slipped against his torso as her knowledgeable hands slid up and down his straining cock. He gasped as a finger slid between his ass cheeks, shocking him with a little exploratory anal play. 'Got to get into all those hard to reach places,' said the busty escort, with a cheeky grin, 'cleanliness is important.' 'Hard to reach places?' he said, 'There's a hard to reach place that I haven't explored yet.' 'I have no idea what you're talking about,' said Carmen but she was already turning her back to him. The redhead escort began to rub her soapy hands over her firm ass cheeky, spreading them to show off what was on offer. He pushed her up against the cold tiles, her breasts pressing against the surface. She pushed her ass out and he growled with lust, wrapping an arm around the redhead escort's slim waist. With his other hand he pressed his hard cock against her tight asshole. 'I love anal sex,' the naughty redhead escort whispered. 'I'm going to love giving it you,' he said. With a powerful thrust of his hips, he pushed inside her. Her feminine body lifted off the ground but he had a firm hold of her. She trembled for a moment and then relaxed. 'More,' whispered the redhead escort and he plunged deeper. They fucked hard. The beautiful young escort pushed back against every thrust, taking all that he had to offer. She gasped and moaned, as his finger found her soapy, wet clit. He rubbed her to a screaming climax and then released his cum. Wave after wave pumped up her ass. His legs shuddered and trembled from the force of pleasure that pounded through his body.


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