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Escort Duo Action For a Frenchman

Pierre Dubond was a creature of habit. He came to London at the end of every month. The Frenchman always wore a blue suit and stopped at the same hotel. He'd catch the 7.30 a.m. Eurostar every time and go straight to the office where he'd have meetings with some of his London staff before taking lunch at the same restaurant and then checking into the same hotel. Hotel life wasn't always dull. While he would have to work for an hour or so in his hotel room, he would then call his favourite central London escort agency for an escort duo date. Pierre booked the same escort duo he always booked for 7.30pm before having a shower and waiting for the girls to arrive. He always gave himself 30 minutes to wait - he didn't do anything in particular while he was waiting. The two girls Amber and Rhianna arrived as agreed at 7.30pm on the dot. The escort duo knew from previous visits that they had to be there on time so they always arrived slightly early and waited in the lobby so that the bisexual escorts could knock on their outcall client's door at exactly the right time. When he let them in, the French client went straight to the bed, removed his robe and laid face down on the bed. The escort duo stripped and went over to him and knelt either side and began their erotic massage. They both probed his skin with their fingers, pushing deep into his knotted muscles, pressing their hands deep into his lower back and shoulders. The escort duo rubbed oil into their hands and squeezed his thighs, working the oil into his masculine legs. Occasionally the hands of the bisexual escorts would brush his balls and he would shiver slightly. After exactly 15 minutes the bisexual escorts turned him over and gave him the same massage to his chest. At this point he was hard and they started to massage his cock with their oil-filled hands. The oil made his cock slippy and they struggled to grasp it. As Amber massaged Pierre's cock, she moved her body round so her pussy was above his lips and she lowered her damp lips onto his face. As she did this, Rhianna started to suck his cock and was soon joined there by the ever willing mouth of Amber. The escort duo french kissed over his cock making sure that his cock was between their mouths as their tongues played together - it was perfection. Pierre got up and Amber got onto all fours on the bed. The French outcall client didn't need to tell the escort duo what to do - they had done it so many times before that they knew their jobs very well. Rhianna crouched next to Amber. Pierre already had an oiled-up cock and started to push it against Amber's arse and as he did so Rhianna licked his shaft with her head resting on Amber's firm buttocks. Pierre started to fuck Amber's sweet arsehole as her escort duo partner licked his shaft furiously and fingered Amber's soaking cunt. The bisexual escorts then swapped position and he eagerly fucked Rhianna's ass as Amber tasted his shaft. When he was ready to cum both girls knelt at his feet and opened their mouths begging for his cum. The escort duo didn't have to wait long as he came hard, covering both of their faces. Being a generous and thoughtful man, he moved from side to side so both girls had an even covering of hot cum. He then stepped back, put on his robe and passed the bisexual escorts a towel each. The escort duo cleaned themselves up and got themselves dressed. Pierre opened the door for them and kissed them both on the cheek before wishing them goodnight. He sat alone in his hotel room and smiled. He loved visiting London!


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