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Free Rent for Teenage Redhead Exotic Dancer

Laura was in need of money. At the age of 18, she’d left home to pursue her dream of becoming an exotic dancer in London. Short of money, she struggled to find an apartment within her budget. One day, one of the girls at her dance school mentioned that a room in her West End apartment had become available for rent. Feeling relieved, Laura said she’d visit at 7pm that very evening. Sure enough, Laura arrived at 7 on the dot and rang the buzzer for the 1st floor apartment. Laura had her doubts as to whether she’d be able to afford it. The West End building consisted of four apartments – one of which was owned by the landlord, another shared by three students at her exotic dance school. The door opened and standing in the doorway was a tall, spindly gentleman in his 60’s. “Good evening”, he said with a smile. “I presume you’re Laura?” he asked. “That’s me!” the exotic dancer chimed, reminding herself to use all of her girlish charm. “I’m John, the landlord. Come on in, I’ll show you around!” said the elderly man. Laura was led her up to the first floor. On entering the West End apartment, she found it to be exactly what she’d been looking for. Everything had been modernized, from the laminate flooring to the walk-in power shower in the bathroom. She had yet to see the bedroom for rent but was seriously impressed. However Laura had her doubts. “I’m not sure I can afford this” said the pretty London redhead. The old man laughed, “Money is not the only currency here” he said with a wry smile on his face. This confused Laura however she was eager to see the available bedroom. There had been no sign of the girls from her dance class yet – perhaps they were all out or in their rooms. “And here”, said the landlord, “is your room, should you want it”. He opened the door and Laura gasped. Her 3 friends were in the room, all on the bed. It took several seconds for what she was seeing to sink in. There they were, one exotic dancer lying flat on her back, while another was sat on her face while and the third penetrated her with a dildo. Laura was speechless. “B…but…” stammered Laura. Sensing her confusion, the old landlord put his hand on the tight teenage exotic dancer’s ass and gave her a reassuring smile. “If you want it, this rooms yours. You don’t even have to pay rent. The only thing I ask in return is that you entertain me with your friends from time to time.” It was at this moment that Laura noticed the landlord’s other hand rubbing against his trousers. She could see the bulge in his pants growing as he excitedly watched the teenage exotic dancers pleasuring each other. Laura was in two minds. On the one hand she wanted to run far from this crazy place and never look back. Then again, she had nowhere else to go. Her exotic dancing friends still hadn’t noticed them enter the room and were moaning in unison as they upped the tempo of their sexual antics. “So what’s it going to be, Laura?” he asked, still stroking his shaft while squeezing her firm ass. Laura walked hesitantly over to the bed. “Laura!” squealed her dance school friends, “come join us!” And with that, Laura slowly pulled down her short skirt revealing her shaved pussy. “Good, good…” murmured the landlord, who was now furiously masturbating at the sight of the four girls. “Top off too” he instructed. With that, Laura took off her top to reveal her petite yet perfectly beautiful breasts. They were positively perky and her nipples were hard at the prospect of pleasure. Slowly but surely, the exotic dancer bent down and began to eat out the girl who was on all fours. Her enthusiasm took everyone – including herself – by surprise. The London redhead was taken aback by how delicious her friend’s pussy tasted which only encouraged her to slide her tongue in further. The landlord edged ever closer and began to masturbate over the scene. The four exotic dancing girls, all totally naked were all soaking wet. Laura climbed on top of the bed, closed her eyes and spread her legs. Sure enough, she quickly felt a tongue tickle her clitoris and work its way around her snatch. “Eat me out, make me cum all over your face” the exotic dancer moaned. She pulled her friends face towards her dripping pussy and reveled in the ecstasy she was experiencing. As the tempo increased, she began to orgasm. The exotic dancer's legs twitched, petite breasts shook and she let out a cry of pleasure as she squirted her pussy juices all over the face of her exotic dance companion. The girls all lay back exhausted, sweaty and soaked in each other’s juices. Laura looked across at her new landlord who stood over them, cum glistening on the head of his penis. “If you want it, it’s yours” he gasped. Angels of London - For the sexiest ladies to book in London


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