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For the Love of a Blonde Escort - Part 1

Frank was a devout Christian and had been married for some 23 years. He would never break his marriage vows and would always remain faithful to his beautiful brunette wife. Well, at least according to his definition of faithful. He promised himself he would never physically touch another woman. His problem was that he had always had a penchant for blondes - he loved them, fantasized over them and watched porn videos that featured any blonde escort. Despite his love of blondes, he kept to his word. Yet once a month he would go on business trips to a nearby city.  He loved the opportunity to get away because it was the perfect excuse to call a local escort agency. He would typically book one blonde escort or perhaps two to meet him in a hotel room. They would play together while he watched and wanked himself silly. In his mind, he was still being faithful. This was just like watching porn but with a little added realism! He had been doing this now for around 10 years and he had never touched even one blonde escort that performed for him. The blonde callgirls would sing, dance, strip and use sex toys and make love to each other but Frank had never left his chair. This particular month he had booked two of his favourite escorts: Kim and Layla. Each blonde escort was both tall and slim and had huge tits, shaved pussys and firm asses - basically, they had perfect bodies which made them the perfect blond escorts for Frank! He had booked them for an hour and had got his seat ready in the corner of the room. It was equipped with a comfortable cushionand a roll of toilet tissue by the side. Frank had washed himself meticulously in the bath and combed his hair neatly before putting on smart, clean clothes. Then he sat down in the corner of the room and waited since he still had an hour until the blonde callgirls were due to arrive. He even said a prayer whilst he was waiting - just a short prayer of thanks for his good life. He certainly felt blessed to be able to enjoy the company of each and every blonde escort. The time of his booking arrived and there was a knock on the door. As expected, it was Kim and Layla. The girls undressed, revealing some very sexy lingerie. They then opened their bag and laid out some fun sex toys on the bed. The blonde callgirls were about to start when there was a sudden knock at the door. In their excitement, the girls had forgotten to lock it. The door opened and Frank, Kim and Layla's jaws all dropped with astonishment. They had some company! Frank sat in the corner of his room with not one blonde escort but two stunning semi-naked blonde escorts on his bed, with a whole host of sex toys laid out in front of them. He was sat there with a semi-erect cock and a pile of tissue next to him and someone was coming into the room!  Perhaps it was the hotel manager who had spotted the blonde callgirls and wasn't happy about having them in the hotel. But that would be unusual. Most hotels were very used to this sort of thing. The door opened fully and it was the worst possible outcome! His wife stood there starting at him. 'Don't say a fucking word!' she yelled at him. She strode into the room and surveyed the scene. 'I knew you were doing something like this. I've  seen the money disappearing and noticed your improved moods when you come back from these trips.' Frank sat there staring at his feet, his erection rapidly disappearing. His wife stood in front of him, staring down at him and each blonde escort. 'What I don't understand is how you can just there in the corner. Don't you ever touch these girls? Is that how you justify it? These girls come all of this way and make all this effort and they don't even get fucked! That doesn't seem fair to me!' Frank was now confused as well as ashamed. He tried to get up but his wife quickly saw to that. 'Don't you even think of moving from that chair. These girls are going to get fucked, and you're going to watch.' With this, his wife began to strip off her clothes. Her body was very good for a woman of her age. She had nice pert tits that weren't huge but still a good size. Her legs were still toned and led up to nice firm arse. Within a minute she was naked and she leaned forward to examine the toys on the bed before choosing a big black dildo with a ribbed shaft. She licked it and then slipped it into the pussy of Layla the blonde escort. She then picked up a smaller pink dildo and slipped it into Kim's pussy. Frank's wife stood behind the blonde callgirls who had now re-positions themselves on all fours on the bed. With a dildo in each hand, she fucked the pussy of each sexy blonde escort. She also leaned in and flicked her tongue across each of their clits. The two blonde callgirls were french kissing each other while squeezing and fondling each others big tits. Frank's brunette wife wanted to be in on this and slid between the two busty blonde escorts. The three shared amazing kisses while fucking each other with dildo and massaging each other's clits. It was a mangle of bodies and Frank sat there still shell shocked. He was unable to move apart from jerking his cock, his hand moving up and down furiously. Frank just sat there watching his once prudish wife fuck and cavort with two of the sexiest blonde callgirls he had ever seen. He then watched them all cum and clean each other off with their tongues. His wife got up and got herself dressed before moving towards the door. Before leaving she hesitated and turned to Frank: 'That was so much fun. Why you sit in the corner like an idiot is beyond me. You waste our money each month on a good wank. From now on I will have the money each month and I will use it properly on these girls. See you at home.' With that she left the room and left Frank wondering what the hell had just happened. As he watched the busty blonde callgirls leave and all he could do was look down and see a small cum stain on his pants and a rapidly softening cock.


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