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OWO from Call Girl Annie

The gorgeous OWO escort sat across the dinner table from him. Their booth in the restaurant was secluded and intimate. Annie was excellent company, she was fun and vivacious, the conversation flowed easily and he found himself becoming more and more attracted to her the more he got to know her. The east European escort was stunningly beautiful. Her sexy curves, vibrant hair and shapely legs made him become increasingly horny for her. The thought occurred to him that if she was as skilled with her mouth at OWO as she was with conversation, then he would be the luckiest man in London that night! Just as he was about to put some food in his mouth, he felt Annie's stocking-clad foot slide up his trouser leg. He paused, surprised by the unexpected intimacy in a public place. The London escort carried on chatting, her face the picture of innocence. Her agile toes found their way to his crotch, wriggling around his hardening cock. He looked around them and saw that nobody was taking any notice of the two of them. Relaxing, he grinned and continued eating. Her foot massaged his dick, applying firm, skilled pressure to his shaft. His eyelids fluttered at the pleasure she was giving him. He was about to compliment her on her ability when her other foot slid into place, finding his balls and gently squeezing them. It was hard to concentrate on what Annie was saying, something about how much she loved the ball play of some soccer player. He knew it was funny in the circumstances but his mind was fogged with sexual enjoyment. Suddenly, he realised with a start that a waiter was stood next to the table. He found himself staring at the man, not knowing what to say. Annie smiled sweetly. 'We'd like to take a break between courses,' she said, 'Could you come back in twenty minutes with the dessert menu?' The waiter agreed graciously and disappeared. 'I know what I'm having for dessert,' she said as soon as he had gone. The sexy, young escort disappeared under the table. He felt her nimble fingers on the fly to his trousers, cool air on his hot erection and then the molten heat of her mouth around his cock. All fear of being caught was eclipsed by Annie's incredible OWO skill. She applied just the right amount of pressure, sucked him slow and deep, exactly how he liked it. Sitting back in his chair, he was able to watch her sensuous lips around his hard dick. In and out it went, back and forth bobbed her head. The OWO pleasure was intense, exquisite, better than anything that even the finest chef could have put on the dessert menu. He closed his eyes and smothered a loud moan with his napkin. The Bayswater escort kept sucking until his balls exploded, shooting OWO cum up his shaft, pumping it into her mouth. Before he had fully recovered, Annie was back in her seat, her hair in place, her make-up fixed. The waiter returned almost immediately. 'I won't be needing a dessert menu,' she said, 'I am completely satisfied.' He finally regained control of his speech. 'We'll just get the bill please,' he said, 'I'll get dessert in my room.' Annie gave a naughty giggle in response to the meaningful look that he gave her. It was going to be a fun-filled night.


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