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Flirty teen escort wanks her client off at the theatre

I couldn’t take my eyes off my flirty teen escort as she stood in the doorway wearing a cute chequered dress and pink high heels. She had bright blue eyes and long wavy blonde hair. Her legs were beautifully long, and her tits were cute and perky, she was ravishing in every way possible. In the past I had divulged in many escorts but once I met Francesca, I never wanted any of the other ladies; she was my ideal women and I wanted to spend every moment with her that I could. I knew it was her Birthday approaching so I decided to take her to a real West End show in London because I knew she liked the theatre. We had taken our seats in a small balcony to the right of the stage, of course I had ordered the most expensive seats in the theatre and we had a perfect view of the stage, I wanted only the best for my stunning escort. The lights dimmed as the show began and a spotlight shone on the stage as the performers began their performance. I could see the sheer happiness in her face, she gripped my hand with excitement and snuggled up in my arms, her laugh made me feel warm and comfortable and the look of pleasure on her face pleased me to the very core. Her cuteness was alluring, and it was secretly turning me on watching her being so adorable. I felt my erection growing between my legs as she leaned into me, getting closer and cosier. Peeking down I could see the rim of her pretty pink bra and a small groan escaped my lips. She turned her face towards me and gave me a knowing look, she knew the effect she had on me and she loved that she turned me on so easily. Her eyes glanced down towards my crotch and her delicate fingers started to casually trace the outline of my erection. The little minx was teasing me, she moved her hand away and removed her small jacket placing it across my lap. I had just assumed that she was getting too hot, so when her fingers pulled down the zip on my trousers, I couldn’t believe it. Slowly she slid her hand down my trousers and gripped onto my hard cock, “relax”, she whispered sexily into my ear. Her fingers slid further down my trousers, the only thing preventing us from being caught was her little jacket and the thought sent jolts of excitement through my body. Casually she slipped my rock- solid dick out of my boxers and started to gently tug on it, her hands were wrapped tightly around my cock, wanking me off in the middle of a room full of people. I tried to remain quiet as she gently found her way to my balls and started to stroke them too. I caught her peering around to check that no one’s attention was on us, but even if it was, I doubt she would have stopped. Once she had started something Francesca very rarely let me go until my dick had exploded all over her. She looked over her shoulder once more to make sure nobody was watching before dipping her head down in between my lap and placing my whole penis straight to the back of her throat. She sucked on it slowly, gliding her tongue up and down my shaft. Using both hands she changed back to my hand job, twisting her wrist with every tug. She reached down and pulled out my balls, I couldn’t control myself any longer, I started to cum and she lowered her head once more as my orgasm shot out of me, straight down the back of her sexy throat and she sucked every drop of cum out of my cock. My beautiful Francesca had amazed me yet again, with her sultry and wicked ways. I never knew that the theatre could be so dam exciting.


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