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Fivesome Fun for Young Call Girl in London

Although Linda was the sort of young escort in London who enjoyed all kinds of sex with all kinds of different people, her major turn on was sex with other women. While she wouldn't describe herself as a lesbian - she loved having a cock inside her - she found that she had her most intense orgasms when she was being stimulated by another girl. So it was these jobs she looked forward to most in her career as an escort - those where she had the chance to get up close and personal with some sexy bisexual girls. This chance most often came around when the sexy young escort was booked for some sexy incall or outcall fun with a couple. It was on this Friday evening that Linda was particularly excited because she had been booked by not one, but two couples! The horny young London escort was looking forward to some sexy fivesome fun. What could be better than three women and two men?! As she walked up to the door of the smart house in Islington, she adjusted her skirt. She was a slim, sexy young woman of 22 years, with a round, pretty face framed by brown, medium length hair. She wore glasses to give herself a slightly geeky yet totally sexy look. She had a willowy figure, although she had a respectable c-cup. What turned men on most was her accent. Linda was actually from Luxembourg, and as well as looking European she had a cute half-French, half-German accent. Linda rang the bell and it was opened by a man called Simon - one half of one of the couples that had booked her. He smiled and led her through to the large living room of the house where she was introduced to Simon's girlfriend Jill and their friends Tim and Lucy. They drank wine and Tim explained that rather than fucking the sexy young escort one at a time, the four of them would very much like to have a full-on orgy. An orgy sounded a very good idea to Linda as all four of them were very attractive. She guessed they were all in their mid-thirties. Simon and Tim were slim and well-built. Jill was a slim brunette much like herself while Lucy was a busty blonde. Finishing their wine, the five of them moved through to the bedroom, where, Linda noticed, two large double beds had been pushed together in the middle of the room. Before she had much opportunity to take the scene in, she found herself in the middle of the huge bed, being kissed and undressed by her lovers. With four other pairs of hands working at the task it wasn't very long before the sexy young brunette escort girl was completely naked. Blonde Lucy's hands insinuated themselves between the soft skin of Linda's thighs, pushing her legs apart. Lucy's fingers found the wetness of Linda's pussy, and began to probe her labia and isolate her clit from its fleshy hood. The bisexual young escort began to feel waves of pleasure moving through her body. By now she was completely gagging for a big cock inside her. Noticing the way she was casting glances at him, Simom was quick to oblige. Quickly stripping off, he was between the incall and outcall escort's legs with seconds, pushing his long shaft deep inside the cute slut's wet and willing snatch. The other three participants in the gang fuck were soon joining in. As Simon and Linda fucked in the missionary position, Jill sat on Linda's face so that the escort girl's tongue could burrow its way into her snatch. Tim stood across from her so that Jill could suck his cock - she took it into her mouth greedily and deeply. This only left Lucy. Anxious not to be left out she took one of Linda's hands and put her fingers between her legs. Linda was more than happy to sink her fingers into the soft, warm wetness of Lucy's pussy. When they came it was in an impressively short timespan. Tim was first, groaning and pulling his cock out of Jill's mouth as he came, so his load shot down her chest and dripped on to the midriff of Linda below. Then Jill and Lucy, driven wild by Linda's expert fingering and licking, came together. Only Tim and Linda remained. The other three disentangled themselves to give Tim a clear shot at fucking the young escort girl to orgasm. He went at her pussy like a hammer, driving his long cock deep inside. Linda came loudly, almost at the same moment as Tim shot a huge load right inside her. That had been fun - but there were still two hours to go. What configuration of fucking could they all try next?


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