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First Time Client for a Busty Estonian Escort

Andy the first time client had been thinking about visiting a sexy London incall girl for some time - he'd heard many of his friends talking about all the fun they had had with different London call girls in London. So Andy, who was a pretty horny guy, had spent some time surfing the internet looking at the different escort agency websites. He was pretty well-off so he'd focused on the high-class London escort agencies that offered the very sexiest incall and outcall girls. He'd spent quite a lot of time looking through the various galleries, admiring how sexy some of the girls were. There were tall escorts, petite escorts, as well as every kind of blonde and brunette escort you could possibly imagine. He liked the Oriental girls, too. He also tried to work out what all the different acronyms listed by the girls' names meant - strange combinations like OWO, CIM and A. After a little bit of research he had all these figured out - now all he had to do was choose an escort girl! In the end the first time client settled on Tanya. She was a slim and busty Estonian brunette, her hair dark brown with reddish tints. He called the London escort agency she worked for and made an incall appointment for 8pm that night. Luckily Tanya was available, so he caught a taxi over to her incall flat in Mayfair. Like all the best London escort agencies, Tanya's agency gave the horny novice client very clear directions on how to find Tanya's incall flat. Before long he was standing outside her door, pressing the buzzer. A moment or two later she answered the door, and Andy's cock - already twitching and ready for action in his trousers - immediately sprang to attention. The busty young brunette escort was wearing a black bra and knickers with stockings and suspenders. It was the classic horny London escort girl look. She smiled at him, and looked down at the significant bulge that had appeared in his trousers. Smiling wider at the sight (and size!) of it, she reached down and grabbed the end of Andy's cock through the fabric. Once inside the hallway, she pushed the first time client up against the wall. Seconds later, the horny and busty escort was on her knees, fumbling with the zip on Andy's trousers. An instant later he could feel her cool hands round his cock. Tanya, being a professional London escort girl, realized that her client was quite close to coming. Therefore she abandoned her plan of taking his cock in her mouth. She did so reluctantly -  like all sexy incall and outcall escorts, she loved giving OWO. Instead, she stood up and led Andy into the bedroom. Once there, she encouraged him to lie down on the bed and strip off, which he did. Moving Andy's hands away from his cock so he wouldn't touch it, she began to perform a sexy stripshow of her own, gently unrolling her stockings and dropping her panties so that Andy could look at her smooth, shaven pussy. The Estonian brunette saw his cock gradually stiffen and she felt a rush of excitment knowing that she would soon have it inside her. Finally, her bra came off, and Andy was able to admire the fantastic pair of breasts that were unleashed, large and pert. She joined him on the bed, and lay there, next to him, on her back. The horny and sexy young brunette knew that if she went on top in the cowgirl position the sight of her breasts bouncing up and down would make the first time client come too quickly. Tanya motioned him on top of her - if he fucked her missionary style to start off with, he'd be able to control the rhythm and pace so that he didn't blow too early. Placing his hands either side of the horny young escort's shoulders, Andy gently lowered his waist so that his cock lined up with the sexy escort's pussy. She looked into his eyes. 'Please,' she said, 'fuck me'. That was all the encouragement Andy needed. He thrust deep inside the sexy young Eastern European incall and outcall escort. She was very tight, and he immediately enjoyed being engulfed in the warm depths of her pussy. She raised her legs in the air a little, wanting the optimum position for deep penetration so that Andy would take it long and slow, and give the horny and sexy young escort a good fucking without coming too soon. The first time client thrust hard inside her for several minutes, keeping up a good pace and making the escort groan with pleasure. His cock was thick and long, and he was good at choosing a position that gave her clit the maximum stimulation. So after a few minutes the horny and sexy young London escort - who, like all escorts, came very easily - let go with her first orgasm. Andy, taking this a sign that he could come too, locked his hands around the horny young escort's arse and gave three more hard thrusts, before the pleasure overwhelmed him and he filled her with cum. He lay there for a while recovering. Andy was very pleased with his first escort experience, and knew he would have many more with sexy London incall and outcall girls from top escort agencies!


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