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Brunette Call Girl is Anal Virgin

Tamara was one of those girls who had become an escort because she just loved to have a good time. She was just eighteen years old and had arrived in London as a student. The escort with brunette hair had quickly discovered that her money didn't go very far, especially as she liked to go out to bars and clubs virtually every night of the week. Although she may have been profligate, Tamara certainly wasn't stupid - she realized that she had to come up with a reliable way of making money if she was going to be able to sustain her lavish lifestyle. It hadn't taken her long to work out that being an escort brunette was a very good plan. It allowed her to earn a great deal of money without taking up too much of the time she needed for partying and studying. It was also extremely enjoyable. Like so many intelligent and sociable girls, Tamara was absolutely crazy about sex. At first, she'd had doubts about being an escort. But her fears were completely unfounded. She enjoyed herself so much, that far from seeing her escort work as a chore, she began to look forward to each incall and outcall appointment. Tamara also found herself becoming more sexually adventurous, experimenting with positions and activities she would have never dreamt of trying before she became an escort. Although she'd had a few bisexual experiences previous to escorting, she had never tried anything particularly daring. As an escort brunette, however, all that had changed. Toys and bondage were just a couple of the kinky and fun pastimes she enjoyed. The one thing Tamara still hadn't tried was anal sex. Quite frankly, she was curious about it. So one day she asked the boss of her escort agency to find her a client who might have an interest in that particular activity. It didn't take long for one to be found, and Tamara was swiftly dispatched to his flat in Marylebone. Andy answered the door within moments of Tamara ringing the buzzer. Like so many of her clients, he was a well educated guy in his late thirties or early forties. After the usual polite conversation, the date began to proceed like any other outcall appointment. The two of them began to kiss before Andy took Tamara's hand and led her up the stairs to his bedroom. It didn't take the sexy escort brunette and her client very long to get naked! Tamara was tall and slim, with neat medium-sized breasts and long black hair. She was pleased to discover that under his clothes, her outcall client had a muscular body - and he knew how to use it. Within a few moments he had his head between her legs and was aggressively licking, sucking and kissing her pussy. Tamara really liked this. All too many men were overly gentle with her when they were giving her head, and it was nice to come across a client who knew exactly what she liked. Despite enjoying the sensations this was causing her, Tamara couldn't get her mind off the introduction to anal action she hoped she was about to get. Would it be fun? Would it hurt? Was Andy enjoying himself licking her out so much that he wouldn't get around to doing it? Several clients and regular boyfriends had told her that she had a particularly sweet-tasting pussy, and there was every chance that Andy would get stuck in with his tongue and spend the whole hour of his appointment down there. The escort brunette need not have worried, because after just 2 or 3 more minutes of pussy licking action Andy - with some apparent regret - lifted his head from her crotch. He began to work his way up her body, kissing and licking as he went. His right hand quickly replaced his head between the brunette call girl's legs, and she felt his thumb and forefinger begin to rub and gently twist her clit. Once more she began to moan and breathe deeply. Even this did not last for long, though, because within moments she felt Andy using both her hands to slowly roll her over on to her tummy. This, she knew, was it. Once she was lying face down on the bed her sexy client took hold of her ankles and eased her legs apart widely, so that she could feel her tight virgin arsehole exposed. There was a brief pause as Andy got off the bed to fetch a condom and a tube of lubricant from a drawer. Then she felt his weight behind her again. She was breathing quickly and nervously - she was so excited! The truth of the matter is that she would have happily paid her client to take her anal virginity. A moment later she felt Andy smearing a blob of lube on to the tight pucker of her arsehole. She had heard that the best way to have anal sex was with as much lubricant as possible, and she was glad that she wasn't going to have to take his substantial cock up her bum without at least a little assistance. When he had done with the lubing up, Andy positioned himself on top of the sexy young escort brunette with her spread legs and lined up the end of his rubbered cock with her bum. Andy knew full well that best way to introduce an anal virgin to the art of bum sex was to introduce his cock very, very slowly. According, he pushed the tip of his shaft against Tamara's shiny, lubricated anus, and was very gratified when he flesh neatly folded itself around his glands, permitting him to sink an inch inside her. For her part, Tamara was thrilled to feel the bulb of her client's cock slide inside her. Instinctively she wiggled her bum and pushed upwards, encouraging him to thrust in deeper. He didn't need much encouragement - a second later Andy had sunk the full length of his cock inside the horny young escort's anus, and her bum virginity was gone forever.


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