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Facial for East European Call Girl Daisy

The East European escort looked up at him from where she knelt and his balls tightened at the sight of her. Her sweet face was framed by dark hair which was arranged in adorable bunches. She wore a tight-fitting blouse which revealed a tantalising glimpse of her soft cleavage while the short tartan skirt gave a glimpse of her toned, smooth thighs. His dick jumped, somehow managing to get even harder. The corners of her sexy mouth lifted as a knowing smile playing across her lips. He stroked her cheek. 'So soft,' he murmured. 'I have a secret for keeping my skin soft,' the East European escort said, her expression innocent. 'Really?' 'Yes. I need your help to keep it like this', she said suggestively. 'Show me what to do… Daisy placed a manicured hand at the base of his cock and her other hand slid up his trembling legs. The Earls Court based escort opened her mouth and took the tip of his hard dick between her sensual lips. How did she manage to look so sweet and innocent with a cock in her mouth? He groaned. OWO was his favourite sex act and combining it with a girl as stunning as Daisy made the pleasure almost unbearable. The warmth of the sexy East European escort's mouth engulfed his rigid dick, her tongue drawing him deeper into her tight throat. Her inner cheeks closed around him providing slippery friction that caused a pulse to throb in his groin. He bent forward a little, his hand finding her soft cleavage. A loud moan escaped his lips as the young escort increased her tempo. Her head bobbed back and forth, his dick sliding in and out of her hungry throat. His body jolted and his balls felt as if they were going to burst. 'Now,' he gasped. He grabbed her bunches and pulled her mouth off his dick. Her mouth made a wet sucking sound as she released it from her grip. That beautiful face looked up at him and he saw her eyes fiery with desire. With a groan that came from deep within him, cum erupted from his cock. It took all of his effort to keep his eyes focused on the white fluid as it splashed over her whole face. The strength of his orgasm rocked his whole body and even threatened to overwhelm his sight. Yet he just had to watch. He needed to see his spunk smothering her gorgeous and expectant face. The East European escort gasped and giggled with each splash, keen to enjoy every drop of the facial. Finally, the ecstasy faded to a peaceful thrum of pleasure. 'Did I guess your secret?' he said. 'Oh yes,' she said as she rubbed his cum into her soft skin, 'You hit it bang on. I love a good facial.' Angels of London - For the sexiest ladies to book in London


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