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Facial for A-level Call Girl

He couldn't believe how sexy the anal escort was. Crystal's body was incredible. It was clear that she took good care of herself and frequently went to the gym. Her ass was firm and round, her breasts pert and full. Lustrous brunette hair framed her beautiful face in the most sensual manner. Going to the best escort agency in London for his date had really paid off. Not only was the anal escort gorgeous, she had an excellent personality too. In particular, she was fun to be around and he loved how sweet she could be. Everything about her was perfect and his tired, stressed body had responded to her with new-found life. The London escort had given him OWO, waking every nerve in his body and turning him into a sexual dynamo. Now he was watching as she performed one of his greatest fantasies: that perfect ass of hers sliding up and down on his dick in a controlled display of exquisite anal sex. Crystal had her back to him. The sexy anal escort's long legs spread wide as she straddled his tingling body, her ass cheeks spread so that he could see his hard cock fucking her asshole.In and out, up and down; his dick went deep inside her tight hole. With each drop of the anal escort's hips he groaned with pleasure. The ecstasy so intense that it was almost unbearable. Crystal moaned and gyrated her hips, adding a new dimension to his euphoric state. He sat up, pressing his chest to her smooth back and reaching for her fabulous breasts. His lips kissed her soft skin, whilst his fingers fondled the firm flesh of her tits. The Paddington based escort's silky hair caressed his face as her ass continued to ride his cock. He could feel little trembles running through her body, hear the increased desperation in her gasps and groans. The anal escort was going to come whilst his dick fucked her ass. She flung her head back, throwing her hair over his head. Crystal grasped his thighs and dropped her body, taking his dick deep inside her. Every muscle in her horny body trembled as her orgasm slammed through her. He felt the rhythmic grip on his cock and he felt his balls tighten. Suddenly, he was consumed with the need to see her face. Lifting her shaking, groaning body he turned the London escort towards him whilst he knelt up. His legs twitched and his cock strained towards her. Crystal's face was flushed, her eyes wild with desire. She looked at him and smiled, knowing what he needed. Her hands reached for his impossibly hard dick and she gave it a couple of expert rubs. Ecstasy powered through him and spunk shot forward splashing across the beautiful anal escort's face. Spurt after spurt whitewashed Crystal in the most erotic facial that he had ever seen. Nothing in his life compared to this. The best fuck of his life.


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