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Facial for Anal Call Girl Charlotte

The Czech escort girl spread her round cheeks. He massaged the soft flesh with his strong fingers, luxuriating in the feel of Charlotte's firm ass, enjoying the sight of her tight asshole awaiting his attention. Unable to resist, he ran his tongue over the sweet flesh of the anal escort, the taste of her pussy juices strong, the erotic slit slick with her arousal. A groan of pleasure from the London escort made his hard cock jump, pre-cum glistening from the tip. He reached for the lube and squirted the cold liquid onto her hot crack. Charlotte gasped and squirmed, her asshole puckering in response to the cold stimulation. His fingers worked the slippery fluid along her slit, one finger pushing inside her tight hole, whilst another found her clit and gave it a rub. 'Oh, fuck,' groaned the blonde anal escort, her long legs buckling slightly. He watched in fascination as his finger slid in and out of that most forbidden of places. Lust rose and he bit her gently on the ass. Standing up, he withdrew his slippery finger and pushed his cock against Charlotte's asshole. The Paddington escort gave little sobs of frustration whilst he made her wait. He stroked his hand along her supple back and grasped her long, blonde hair. 'Tell me what you want,' he said. 'I want you to fuck my ass,' said the sexy anal escort, 'I want you to push your dick inside my tight hole and thrust it right up me. Fuck my ass. Please, fuck...' He pushed his cock against her asshole. Watching it slowly disappear, he settled into a long, steady rhythm. 'Yes,' groaned Charlotte, 'Oh... yes!' The grip of her tight asshole sent shivers of pleasure through his body, each thrust drawing his climax closer to the edge. He leant over the young anal escort's body, pressing his skin against the soft undulating flesh of her back. His finger massaged her clit, her groans becoming higher pitched, closer together. Gasps and sobs burst from her throat, her body trembled. 'Oh god, oh fuck, oh yes,' she cried out. His finger was suddenly soaked, pussy juices gushing, heralding her powerful orgasm. He felt his balls squeeze and the muscles in his thighs begin to tremble. Pulling out of Charlotte's quivering ass, he spun her around by her hair. 'Wank me off,' he said. The anal escort's feminine hand grasped his slick cock and pumped it hard and fast. Lights flashed at the edge of his vision, his body convulsed and pleasure flooded his mind. He watched explosive bursts of cum spray across the Czech escort's beautiful, flushed face, the intensity of his climax increasing with each white splash. There was no doubt in his mind that Charlotte was the best anal escort in London.


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