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The Executive Escort Party - Part 1

Amanda was a young VIP London escort girl, and today she had been given a very important outcall assignment at an escort party. The boss at the escort agency had told her that he wasn't able to reveal exactly who had booked her, but that it was someone quite special. The cute young escort was to go to a conference suite in a certain Park Lane hotel, making sure she was wearing her smartest outfit. Though underneath, the instructions said, the call-girl was to be completely naked. As soon as the Amanda stepped out of the lift of the London hotel, it became clear that this was no ordinary outcall appointment. It was well known that was bisexual and happy to work with other girls. She'd never expected to work with a dozen or more escorts - but there they were! They turned around to look at her, each sexy escort clad in formal clothing. It seemed that the very cream of London's escorting talent was there at the escort party and Amanda could feel her pussy getting wet. A grey-haired, middle-aged man wearing glasses clapped his hands for silence. 'Good morning, ladies,' he said. 'My name is David and I'm the Vice President of the company that has hired you. When we go through into the suite you will be responsible for entertaining myself and fifteen other members of the board of our company. We have just announced very successful financial results, and we've hired you sexy young ladies for an escort party to help us celebrate. Help yourselves to some champagne!' Murmuring to each other, the crowd of gorgeous young outcall escorts filed through into the suite. A table at the far end was stacked with champagne and canapés. Discreetly scattered around were small glass bowls full of condoms, tubes of lubricant and the odd vibrator. There were sofas everywhere. The executives of the corporation were standing around, sipping champagne. Some looked nervous, some eager. All had growing bulges in the trousers of their dark suits at the sight of all the VIP call girls. Amanda was standing in a corner sipping her first glass of champagne when she felt a pair of executive hands touch her cute little arse. She stayed still, continuing to drink. The hands moved round to her front, under her jacket, and ran around the undersides of her big breasts. She could feel hot breath on the back of her neck through her long blonde hair. She turned around to face the man and was slightly taken aback to find it was David - the man who had spoken to them beforehand. 'Well done,' said a petite Oriental escort girl who was standing next to them. She touched Amanda's shoulder, her fingers lingering there for a second as she winked at the blonde escort. 'You've got yourself a vice-president!' Amanda knew there was only one way for a professional outcall escort to deal with such a senior client at an escort party. She reached down to David's groin, and felt the huge bulge sticking out of his trousers. Kissing him lightly, she used her hands to unzip his trousers and release his cock. It flopped free, and she felt it's stiffness pushing into her skirt. The blonde escort girl reached behind her, picked up her glass and took a big mouthful of champagne. Without swallowing, she knelt down and swiftly took David's hard cock into her champagne-filled mouth. Stimulated by the champagne bubbles and the soft ministrations of the call girl's lips, throat and tongue, David's cock became even harder. Casting her eyes around as she sucked, she noticed that the escort party action was hotting up around her. The Oriental call girl who had been standing next to Amanda was bent over the arm of a sofa with her skirt around her waist. A young, blonde executive was hammering her from behind. Next to her, a very pretty black escort with a very large pair of breasts was doing what Amanda was doing - enthusiastically sucking cock. Amanda the young blonde escort was so interested in what was going on around her - some of the sights and sounds of what the other escorts were up to were making her intensely horny - that she was taken by surprise when her client groaned and ejaculated in her mouth. Either he'd been saving it up for a very long time or he'd not been getting very much action from his wife or mistress! The young call girl nearly choked on the huge load. Desspite being young, she was too experienced an escort to be fazed. Gathering her wits, she controlled the load of cum and took it down in a single swallow. The escort took David's cock out of her mouth. She knew what the man looming above her wanted to hear. 'Thankyou,' she said. Amanda had a few more sips of the escort party champagne. She loved the taste of cum, but if it lingered in her mouth it would distract her from the task in hand. David had zipped himself up, and was standing in the room full of escorts and executives, once more clapping his hands. 'Ladies and gentlemen! I can see you are all enjoying yourselves, but I think now would be an appropriate time to take a break!' Around the room escorts obeyed their chief client's implicit instruction and quickly and removed executive cocks from their mouths and pussies. Most of the men at the escort party hadn't come yet, and they all appeared highly aroused, cocks stiff and throbbing. 'There are sixteen gentlemen here, and nineteen lovely escorts. I propose a party game. I would like you three young ladies' - he pointed at Amanda, and the Oriental and black girls she had noticed either side of her - 'to come into the middle of the room and remove all of your clothes.' The three sexy escort girls exchanged looks and walked into the middle of the room and began to strip. They quietly exchanged names as they took their clothes off. The Oriental girl was called Vanessa. She was slim and petite, with long dark hair. The black girl was called Carina. Amanda looked on, increasingly horny, as the sexy Afro-Caribbean escort stripped down. Amanda noticed that Carina's pussy was perfectly shaved while her huge breasts even put Amanda's 34D's to shame! Carina saw Amanda looking, and smiled. All of the other people at the escort party had gathered around the girls in a tight circle. David motioned with his hands, and all of the sexy escort girls in the circle got down on their knees, one to each man, and began to fumble with trouser zips. Soon every London outcall escort in the room - apart from Amanda, Carina and Vanessa in the middle - had a cock in her hand. 'Okay ladies,' said David to the three call girls in the middle of the circle. 'I think it's time for you to entertain us. Perhaps you'll find these useful?' He handed each of the three escort girls a long, silver chrome vibrator. 'Don't worry - I put fresh batteries in this morning!' There was general giggling among the escort party as the three naked call girls lay back in the centre of the circle of onlookers. Almost in unison they switched on their vibes and the room was filled with the sound of buzzing. Amanda didn't know about the other two girls, but she certainly didn't need any lubrication! She started to do instinctively what she always did when masturbating, and began to fondle her own breasts. It was after a minute of stroking and squeeing her tits that Amanda had a better idea - she was very keen to get her hands on Carina's lovely pair! As she steered the cool metal tool into her snatch with one hand she reached over and began to knead the warm flesh of Carina's right breast with the other. It seemed as if Vanessa, the Oriental escort, had had the same idea. Carina lay in the middle, rubbing the tip of her vibrator around her swollen clit, having her huge breasts fondled and rubbed by the two other escort girls. Looking up, Amanda noticed that each call girl was stroking and pulling at executive cock. There was no OWO going on: clearly this was going to be a bukkake event, and the three escort girls would be expected to take the full loads of sixteen men all over their smooth, sexy young bodies. And those loads weren't going to be long in coming, so to speak. Several of the men were groaning and gritting their teeth under the expert hands of the call girls. Clearly they were waiting for David, who, as senior man present, was expected to gush first. With a quiet grunt, he did exactly that. Amanda was amazed at the volume he managed to produce, given that he'd spent what seemed like a huge load in her mouth just a few minutes earlier. Nevertheless, he produced enough to clear her body and spatter on Carina's breasts - which were clearly going to be the target of choice for the escort party executives. Vanessa and Amanda moved their hands to afford the men a clear shot. Taking their cue from David, the other men allowed themselves to come. Cum flew through the air, spattering the masturbating escort girls' bodies, running between their legs and getting in their hair and all over their faces. But what Amanda and Vanessa picked up was nothing to the load that was landing on Carina's prize assets. Amanda turned her head to look at the sexy black escort's tits. They were virtually white with cum, which was running down them in waterfalls. The sight of this was too much for the blonde escort - combined with the buzzing head of the vibrator deep inside her pussy it pushed her into a long, drawn-out orgasm. She heard Vanessa come. Carina was still pushing the vibe into her pussy though - clearly she needed some help. Raising herself up on her elbow, Amanda began to lick the men's cum off Carina's right breast, savouring the salty taste and the hardness of the black escort's nipple. The Oriental escort did the same on the other breast, also reaching a hand down to rub and tickle Carina's clitoris. The black call girl came with a shout. Out of thirty-five people in the room, nineteen had orgasmed. That left the sixteen other call girls high and dry. But that problem was about to be solved. Amanda, still enjoying the taste of all that cum in her mouth, noticed the men of the escort party getting hard again, and reaching for the bowls of condoms.


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