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European Call Girl Whips Him into Shape with Latex and OWO

The handcuffs gripped his wrists. The european escort girl had attached them to the hook above his head. He was stretched between floor and ceiling, his body naked and his dick rock hard. Lola trailed the soft leather flogger over his skin as she walked around him. Her high heels clicked on the floor. The London escort was dressed in shiny latex that fitted her sensual body so perfectly that it could have been sprayed on. A black body suit shone over the curves of her breasts and hips. Suspender clips attached to latex stockings ran over her toned thighs and calves. She wore a simple black thong that covered her pussy but gave him an excellent view of her firm ass cheeks as she strutted around his vulnerable body. Black latex gloves completed the erotic outfit. With a sudden sting, the European escort brought her flogger down across the back of his thighs. He jerked and the handcuffs clinked. 'Are you a naughty boy?' she purred in her sexy accent. 'Yes. I'm a really naughty boy.' The flogger slapped stinging blows across his bare ass. A latex-covered hand reached around and pinched his nipple. He gasped, his body alive with pain. His erection strained and his balls ached. Lola pressed her sexy latex-covered body against his back and rubbed her shiny rubber encased leg along his naked skin. The beautiful european escort kissed him on the neck whilst trailing the soft leather of her flogger across his belly. He shivered with pleasure. A practised flick of her wrist and a delicious sting flared across the taut, sensitive skin of his hard cock. 'You like that?' she murmured in his ear. 'Yes,' he gasped. The european escort flogged his cock again. His body quivered with ecstasy. 'You are an extremely naughty boy,' she said and slid her shiny body around to his front. Sultry eyes looked into his for just a moment before she dropped her flogger and pinched both of his nipples with her latex covered fingers. He groaned. Lola ran those rubber hands down his body as she opened her latex thighs and crouched before his dick. Her gloved hands grasped his buttocks and she slid his engorged dick into her hot, wet mouth. His head dropped back, his mouth open as he panted with intense pleasure. OWO from this latex clad goddess was incredible. He hung from the ceiling with his cock in the european escort's expert mouth and he knew that he had found heaven. Angels of London - For the sexiest ladies to book in London


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