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European escort is tied up by frisky Mayfair client

His European escort had arrived, he had never been with a Swedish lady before and when she arrived at his apartment in Mayfair, he couldn’t take his eyes of her long blonde hair and stunning bright blue eyes. They spent a good hour talking and getting to know each other, her accent turned him on the more she spoke, and he knew that he would soon be fucking her until the sun came up. Lila was the perfect lady and getting to know her was a pleasure, but he wanted to take her to bed and see if the rumours he had heard about Swedish girls were true. Unable to resist her any longer James grabbed her by the hand and led her to his bedroom, her sweet sexy giggles turned him on even more and his dick was solid and ready to fuck. Lila lay herself across James bed, she was wearing a silk robe and James couldn’t wait to see her hot body beneath it, climbing on top of her James took her hands and placed them above her head, his hand skimmed under the smooth fabric of her sexy robe and her cupped one of her small perky breasts in his hand and pulled on her nipple. A sweet moan passed her lips as James swiftly pulled the robe tie from her and used it to tie her arms above her head, looping the fabric around the mental frame. Grabbing hold of two more pieces of rope he took her feet and tied each of them to the corners of his bed, her legs were spread wide open and she was unable to move from the open position he had tied her in, she felt her pulse racing as her hot client tied her up. She felt exposed and dirty and extremely turned on, Lila loved it when her clients knew exactly what they wanted, and she could feel her the juices from her pussy running down her inner thighs in anticipation. She was lay there in her open robe and white silky panties, James grabbed hold of her knickers and inched them down her body, revealing her beautifully shaven pussy. He placed his head between her legs and smelt the sweet scent of her pussy before burying his tongue inside her, her pussy tasted deliciously sweet and she moaned loudly as his tongue dipped in and out of her. His fingers found her pink clit and he started to rub it in little circles as his tongue lapped up every last inch of pussy juice it could find. His lips moved down her body, kissing her thighs and legs and his hands moved up her body feeling the soft skin on her toned stomach and up to her perky breasts again. She moaned out when he had moved his tongue away, he knew she wanted to orgasm, and she couldn’t close her legs to get any sort of relief from the urge. James was teasing her, making her want him more than anything and he loved that she was practically begging him to stick his tongue back inside her pussy. He stood back from the bed, admiring his sexy Swedish escort as she lay there wanting him, he ripped his jeans from his body and pulled his shirt over his head until he was stood naked before her. He made his way back to her, leaning over her spread open body to insert his hard dick inside her tight pussy. He started to move, pounding her hard with his dick and making sure that she felt every inch of his cock inside her. Fucking her as hard as he could, he loved hearing her moan louder and louder as he drilled into her, his hands reached for the headboard the whole bed was shaking with the rapid hard movements that he was making. He knew he was going to cum soon and he bit down on her neck and licked her as he lost control and pounded her harder than he’d ever fucked anyone in his life. With every thrust he made her moans get louder and she let out little gasps and yelps of pleasure. She screamed out that she was going to cum. James took his dick from her and replaced it with his hands. He pushed his fingers deep inside her, she tried to cross her legs, but her orgasm came out hard and fast. She sprayed her cum all over him, his fingers were soaked in her pleasure, he took them from her pussy and placed them in his mouth, savouring every last taste of her that he could get. She threw her head back and gasped for air, she had just received one of the best orgasms of her entire life and she knew she was about to do the same for her filthy client.


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