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European Call Girl is Daddy's Little Princess

The European escort looked adorable with her hair in bunches. She wore a crop top that covered her small breasts and a short gym skirt with knee-high socks. The young woman was playing one of her favourite sex games - today she was daddy's little princess. He had bought her a large teddy bear that she hugged to her slim sexy body. 'Do you like it?' he asked. 'I love it,' she said with a bright smile. 'Are you sure? I could give you something else if you prefer.' The Maryleborne European escort, looked at him through her eyelashes. 'You know how much I like gifts,' she said, 'What else do you have?' 'That's not the way to ask,' he said, 'Remember your manners.' The sexy European escort pouted and buried her face in her teddy bear. When he didn't relent, she lifted her pretty face and looked at him with wide, apologetic eyes. 'Please Daddy, what do you have for me?' she said. He smiled, no longer stern. 'What would my little princess like most in the world?' Her face lit up, then she bit her lip and swung her hips coyly. 'I want to ride Daddy's tickling stick.' He smiled. 'I think that could be arranged,' he said, 'Come here, princess.' Tanya skipped across the room, her bunches flying and her short skirt flapping enough to show off her bare pussy and slim hips. The hot European escort slid on to his lap so that his erect cock jutted between her slender thighs. She was tiny and feminine on his large masculine lap. He sighed with pleasure. 'Take off your top,' he said, 'I want to see those tiny titties.' The European escort giggled and pulled her crop top over her head. He groaned at the sight of her small breasts. His large hands covered them and his thick fingers pinched her hard nipples. Tanya gasped. 'Can I ride your stick now?' she asked, her small fingers stroking his hard dick. 'Yes, princess,' he murmured. The petite escort lifted her slim hips and pushed her wet pussy over his swollen cock. He moaned as she took his full length inside her tiny body. His large hands settled on her waist. 'My sexy little princess,' he said as she began to grind her hips erotically. 'Do I make Daddy happy?' she asked. 'Oh yes,' he gasped, 'Daddy is very happy.' Tanya began to thrust deeper. Her pussy was very tight. His fingers pressed into her neat little ass, holding her against him. He watched her fuck him - the movement of her petite body was mesmerising. Her eyes were half closed and  her sensual lips were parted. Consumed by desire, he bent forward and kissed her passionately. The beautiful young escort's small hands reached for his face. Holding him, the London escort girl returned the kiss with equal ardour as she fucked him to euphoria.


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