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Call Girl's Trip to Paris

Rachel the escort had been booked by a client for a full weekend in Paris. The most popular London escort girls sometimes had nights out with clients but it wasn't as common for them to be treated to a weekend away! She felt very lucky indeed - excited too! Her client had already paid for her flights and taxis while all of the details had arrived in the post with plenty of time to spare.  When the day came she was picked up and taken to the airport. Her journey was easy and without any problems whatsoever. She arrived in Paris on time and her client was there waiting for her. He was holding a bunch of flowers and smiling broadly -  the weekend had begun on a good note! He carried Rachel's bags to the waiting taxi and they were taken to one of the most impressive hotels in the country - right in the middle of Paris overlooking the Eiffel tower! It was very romantic. Her romantic client had already checked in so they went straight up to the room to drop off her bags. Before too long, they were naked in the bathroom! A passionate flurry of kisses followed by tearing of each others clothes led to Rachel dropping to her knees and providing the very best of blow jobs. She knew from the years he had been a client that he loved hard oral sex. He was horny and gagging to fuck her but she made him wait as she licked his purple head and stroked her tongue up and down his shaft, all the while swallowing more and more of his veiny dick. After not too long Rachel stood up and leaned over the bath invitingly. Her regular outcall client stood behind her and plunged his cock into her gaping pussy. The oral foreplay had got him going and he fucked her so hard that the whole of Paris must have heard her screams and moans of pure pleasure. Following their quickie, the pair went for a walk around the city of love and enjoyed a romantic meal. The following day they visited a famous sex museum and saw all of the weird and wonderful naughty contraptions on display. Talking about such things made Rachel horny and after a short whle she told her client that she needed the loo. As she wandered off to the toilet she glanced back and gave him an inviting look. Needless to say, he didn't need asking twice and before long she was on her knees in a cubicle with his big cock in her mouth. He fucked her mouth hard whilst she stroked and squeezed his cum-filled balls. His cock stiffened some more and he released his load into her mouth. She took it all and licked him clean before they carefully exited the bathroom. The whole Paris trip was much like this - sex in all sorts of places before Rachel's flight home to London. He had promised her another trip soon and she couldn't wait!


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