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Sexy Call Girl's Sunday Afternoon Stroll in London

Bea had had a busy Saturday night on an outcall date with a client. In fact, she hadn't arrived home until 2 in the morning. The hot London escort had woken up to a sunny Sunday morning and decided to take a break and enjoy a walk by the River Thames. She had a pleasant walk watching London people go about their business on foot and by bike. The river was also busy with tour boats. After a while, Bea came to a section of river where a few canal boats were moored. They largely looked unoccupied except for one. On it was a handsome man who was sat reading the paper and drinking a coffee. Sensing somebody watching him, he looked up and smiled when he saw her. "Morning!" he called, smiling. "Would you like a coffee?" Taken aback slightly, Beatrice thought about it for a moment and thought why not. The hot escort opened the small gate which led her to the jetty and gracefully climbed on board. They introduced themselves and the man came back just a minute later with a steaming cup of coffee. Bea found out his name was Kip and that he had been living alone on the boat for two years. She found this a little puzzling as she herself had lots of friends and needed the company of others in order to stay sane. She asked him why he chose to live on his own. Kip was a little embarrassed but said that the reason he lived a life of isolation was due to an erection problem! Again, Bea was taken aback. The hot escort pointed out that Viagra and similar pills were available for erectile dysfunction. "Oh no!" he said hastily, keen to dismiss such suggestions. Kip went on to explain that the problem was that he got an erection far too easily and it then stayed for far too long. It made it embarrassing to be with women. Bea felt sorry for this handsome man. He shouldn't have to feel ashamed for having an erection! She put her hand on his knee and patted it sympathetically. He hung his head and said he was sorry. This puzzled the hot escort until she saw the reason why he was apologising. He removed his hands from his lap and revealed a massive bulge from his trousers - he had been erect just talking to Bea! In all honesty, this had only made Bea instantly horny. She told Kip that it didn't seem like such a terrible problem to have. In fact, it was quite a positive in her opinion. On those words, the hot escort leaned forward and grabbed his bulge and start to rub his cock through his trousers. It was huge and she couldn't resist pulling him into his cabin and unzipping his trousers right away. His huge cock fell out and she couldn't believe how big it was. Bea could now see his problem. If this thing got hard all the time then it wasn't something he could hide away! There was no ignoring such a fine specimen and the hot escort certainly wouldn't avert her eyes. She fell to her knees and let the huge member slip between her lips and fill her mouth. She tried to deep throat but as experienced and practiced as she was, she couldn't get it all in! She didn't know if she could manage it but she wanted it in her pussy right now. She let his cock fall from her mouth and asked him to fuck her. Kip didn't argue and pushed her back onto the makeshift bed. With great strength, he ripped off her tights and pulled down her miniskirt. First of all he fingered her cunt making it wetter, as if it wasn't already dripping enough waiting for his cock! He'd inserted two fingers into the hot escort and then three as if testing her pussy, ensuring it would stretch enough to fit his dick. The hot escort's body started to tremble after he inserted four fingers. She was ready! He stood tall and pressed his bulbous bell-end against her dripping cunt. She moaned as he inserted it very slowly, little by little, deep inside of her pussy. When it was firmly in he started to very slowly fuck her. She felt like she was going to split in two, but that was exactly how she liked it. Bea moaned and groaned and talked dirty as she was fucked by this huge dick. The hot escort was feeling ecstasy and pain at the same time as he drove his cock deep into her. She joined in, forcing her hips up to meet his thrusts screaming for him to fuck her harder. She came with a flourish, screaming out loud. Kip wasn't far behind and he quickly pulled out of her to let his cum gush all over her face and chest. They collapsed together on the bed, neither of them able to breathe. Both were shattered from their efforts. After a quick shower, Bea made her excuses and left to continue her walk. It had been an eventful day for the hot escort and one she hoped she would do again next time she walked this way.


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