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Sexy Tall Call Girl in the Tower

There were few things that Pattie enjoyed more than the opportunity to explore some of London's museums, galleries and historic landmarks. Like most sexy and horny London incall and outcall escorts, the tall escort was a girl with an active imagination and a curious nature. She loved new experiences and new people. Which is why, when a client phoned her elite London escort agency and asked if she would be interested in a little trip to the Tower of London, she leapt at the chance. The prospect of meeting a brand new client and exploring a part of historic London she didn't know that well was too good a chance to miss. The client, it turned out, was called Dave. He was a pleasant guy in his late twenties, quite pale and slim, with brown hair, glasses and a nice smile. He was, all things considered, a touch on the geeky side; but that was fine with Pattie. The sexy tall escort liked a guy with brains, and found intelligence a huge turn-on, not least because it was her experience (based on many incall and outcall dates around London, sometimes with other bisexual London escorts) that intelligent guys were better in bed. They met outside the Tower of London at 10am on a drizzly Tuesday morning. At first it didn't occur to the sexy young escort girl that her client might have picked the time specifically because it would be quiet, with few visitors. Without having to queue, they bought tickets and entered the tower. Dave, it seemed, was just as interested in the exhibitions as he was in Pattie. Some men might consider this strange, because the hot London escort was most certainly a real stunner. She stood at five feet nine inches without her heels. Tall and sexy, she looked great in her tight pencil skirt. She had long, straight black hair that fell in tresses below her shoulders, neatly following the form of her perfect, round d-cup breasts. In short, the tall escort was something of a stunner. But on they went through the ancient building with Dave the outcall client pointing out one interesting thing after another. After a while they came to the secure area where the Crown Jewels were kept. There they walked along the walkway that ran around the secure glass vault, admiring the great treasures of the state. It was as she was admiring the Coronation Crown itself that Pattie felt Dave's hand on her backside. Naturally, she wasn't wearing any knickers, so the material of her skirt rubbed, sexily, right against her arse. The sexy incall and outcall London escort felt her pussy begin to moisten; she knew that a fucking wasn't far away and had a feeling it was going to happen right there, in the Tower. Sex in a public place suited her down to the ground: like most London escorts, she loved to be fucked, and she particularly loved it in unusual places. Much as the brunette would have loved to have been fucked in the Jewel Room itself, it was just a little too public, with guards everywhere. Luckily, it seemed that Dave had scouted out the area in advance. Once they were a little further through the main tourist route, Dave quickly pulled the sexy young escort girl to one side, and they ducked into a cleaner's cupboard. Once inside their hands were all over each other. Pattie could feel Dave's cock pushing through his trousers - it was as hard as rock. In turn, that aroused her even more. They kissed passionately, with Dave's hand unbuttoning the tall escort's shirt and moving inside her bra to feel her large, warm, soft round breasts, one at a time. Continuing to kiss her outcall client, Pattie carefully hitched up her skirt around her waist, exposing her smooth, shaven pussy. Dave's fingers were immediately down there, seeking out the soft wetness and sliding inside. He pushed his middle finger deep inside her, penetrating her tight wetness and making her shiver with pleasure. The sexy and busty London escort needed her client's cock and she needed it now. Reaching down, she unzipped Dave's trousers and let the warm, hard length of his shaft spill into her welcoming hand. After giving it a few gentle strokes she felt it harden even more, and knew that her outcall client was ready to fuck her. Bracing her back against the wall of the cupboard, the hot tall escort pulled him towards her, guiding the tip of his hard cock in towards her soft, dripping wet pussy. Just as the tip began to slip inside her, she raised her body, wrapping her arms around Dave's shoulders and her legs around his back. She sank down onto his cock nd her client groaned with pleasure. He pushed her hard against the wall and began to fuck her roughly. Pattie relished the sensation of his long cock driving inside her, pounding deep into her pussy. Her clit was stimulated by the top of his shaft coming in at that angle, and she knew she would have to work hard not to come right away. Somehow the sexy young London escort bottled it up. Dave, however, seemed bent on coming quickly and filling the brunette escort girl with spunk. Pumping hard, he began to pant for breath, and Pattie could tell by his hard, reflexive thrusting that he was about to spurt inside her. A moment later he did, delivering a huge load. Pattie let Dave slip out of her and recover. The cupboard was small, and she loved the feeling of his hot breath on her neck. Next she wanted to take him back to her London incall flat and have another good fucking.


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