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Escort Duo Have Fun on Film - Part 1

Escort Duo Have Fun on Film - Part 1

[Ramdon_IMG]Adam was at a low point. His girlfriend had cheated on him and he’d had no hesitation in breaking up with her. In fact, he was in the mood for some revenge sex. Being a lad’s lad, he didn’t have too many female friends. He’d have to act fast while the wounds were still fresh. A few years back, he’d booked an escort for himself as a treat for his birthday. This time he’d go one better – he’d book an escort duo! It was when Adam was browsing the gallery of escort girls that he saw something that made him very excited indeed. There was an Eastern European escort duo that allowed filming as long as their faces were covered – it was the perfect chance for Adam to get revenge on his girlfriend and throw it in her face afterwards. He grinned as the idea played through his mind. It was the perfect plan. He looked at their profiles more closely. They really did make the perfect escort duo. One was blonde and the other brunette. They were both of medium height and had slim bodies with subtle curves in the right places. Most importantly, they were both busty babes. Adam loved big tits and seeing that they both had DD assets only made the whole prospect more exciting. Without further delay, he called the escort agency and booked the Eastern European escort duo for later that evening. He was sure to request filming of the date and as expected, it was fine with both girls. They were to wear Venetian masks which would only make the whole experience that little bit kinkier. Needless to say, Adam was excited. He’d arrange to meet them at their incall apartment in Bayswater at 9pm. With it being a Saturday, Adam’s didn’t need to go into the office. Perhaps it would have been a good thing if he had as it would have stopped him pacing around nervously. He’d charged his camera and taken a shower before dressing up in smart casual clothing – he wanted to impress. He wondered what the Eastern European escort duo would be wearing and had to resist the temptation to masturbate at the though. He’d save it all for later. The hour had arrived and Adam stood outside the Bayswater building and pushed the buzzer to the incall loft apartment. He was buzzed in and took the elevator up to the top floor. He looked at himself in the elevator mirror. He was young and good-looking yet visibly nervous at the prospect of sex with two sexy Eastern European women on camera. Camera in hand, he exited the elevator and rang the doorbell to the incall Bayswater apartment. The door opened and he was greeted by the two incredibly beautiful Eastern European call girls. They were as lovely in person as in their photos. What had taken Adam by surprise was that the escort duo were only wearing lingerie and their Venetian masks. ‘Come in, come in!’ squealed the blonde Eastern European escort excitedly. The brunette escort grabbed Adam’s hand and led him into a bedroom which was largely empty save for a chest of drawers and a huge king size bed. It was clear that they weren’t messing around! ‘So Adam…you want to film us fucking?’ asked the brunette, playfully stroking Adam’s hair. ‘...Yes. If that’s no trouble!’ smiled Adam nervously, unable to take his eyes of the Eastern European escort duo’s fantastic figures. The blonde escort took the camera from his hands and set it on the chest of drawers at the foot of the bed before switching it on. ‘Let’s get started then!’ exclaimed the brunette Eastern European escort, pulling Adam over to the bed before pushing him back and pouncing on him. Adam was taken aback by their sheer enthusiasm. It was clear that the escort duo didn’t often perform in front of camera and were turned on at the prospect. The busty brunette had climbed on top of him and started kissing him and even biting his lip. The equally busty blonde joined them and Adam was drowned in French kisses, tongues exploring each other’s mouths, murmurs of contentment coming from the Eastern European escort duo. Adam felt hands wandering his body, exploring. His belt was unbuckled and his trousers removed and before long they had him completely naked. Aware of the camera, he wasn’t entirely hard yet. Sensing his nervousness, the Eastern European escort duo thought it best to keep him distracted. They leaned in together and kissed, their tongues interlocking in what was the most erotic thing Adam had ever seen. The blonde and brunette tugged at each other’s panties, removing them to reveal perfectly shaved pussies. Bras’ were unhooked and out fell those huge tits, bouncing slightly as they continued to explore each other’s mouths with their tongues. The sight of the two bisexual escorts totally naked and kissing each other was enough to make Adam erect – forgetting about the camera, he pulled the two girls in. The real fun was about to begin! He had arrived and with the camera recording he and his escort duo had wasted no time in getting started! They were all now naked on the bed, a tangle of limbs and a flurry of kisses. Their hands wandered and Adam soon found his cock being wanked. He stretched his arms and found a pussy – it was wet and he heard a moan as he slipped his fingers inside. His other hand wandered and found the other pussy that was waiting for him. He rubbed the clit and the blonde gasped between kisses as he did so. Adam fingered their pussies and dipped his head to suck on their big, beautiful breasts. The pussies of the Bayswater escorts were now dripping wet and he was as hard as he could be – it was time to give the escort duo a good fucking on camera! The Bayswater escorts seemed to sense this but didn’t want Adam getting too ahead of himself. First they were going to have some oral play! It was the busty brunette who gave the instructions: ‘Lie on your back Adam’, she said with a teasing smile, ‘It’s time for you to eat some escort duo pussy!’ Just hearing her talk dirty to him made Adam want to fuck her even more. Yet he obeyed her command and lay on his back, his eyes fixated on the Eastern European escort duo that were positioning themselves above him. The brunette placed her thighs on either side of his head and lowered her dripping wet pussy onto his face. No longer shy, Adam stuck his tongue inside as far as he could and swirled it around enthusiastically. All of a sudden, he felt warmth envelop his cock and realized the blonde escort was sucking it. Her huge DD tits brushed his thighs as she licked up and down the shaft before engulfing the entire length with her warm, wet mouth. He was in heaven, and the incredible sensation only encouraged him to eat the brunette’s pussy with greater enthusiasm. His tongue explored and found her clit and he felt her shake as he teased it. The brunette moaned as Adam ate her pussy. She began to grind it against his face, keen to feel his tongue rub her clit. All the while, the blonde Eastern European escort deep-throated her incall client, keen to get him fully erect and lubricated for what was to come. Adam felt his balls tingle and tighten and gasped. “I’m coming, I’m coming!” he roared. On hearing this, the brunette Eastern European escort leaned forward to join her escort duo girlfriend. With her pussy still on Adam’s face, she too opened her mouth at the tip of his penis, awaiting the treat. Sure enough, Adam’s body began to jolt as he experienced his orgasm. He tried to hold it back but that only made it more intense. The blonde escort jerked his shaft in anticipation and he could hold back no longer. A huge amount of cum was fired from his dick, splattering the faces of the Bayswater escorts. Adam’s body jolted as several spurts of cum shot forth. The pure pleasure was indescribable and seeing the bisexual escort duo lapping up as much of the cum as they could only made him want to fuck them more. “Well you were certainly eager!” teased the brunette, whose pussy was still dripping wet from the oral she’d received. Adam felt great. He knew that the camera would have captured every glorious moment so far and if he could come twice, it would be a real slap in the face of his now ex-girlfriend – she’d never made him come twice. The two Bayswater escorts had now started to lick all of the spunk off each other, rubbing it into each other’s breasts. Simon watched this erotic escort duo scene and realized that he was hard again already. “Lie on your back” he instructed the blonde. Now it was her turn to experience some pleasure. And he certainly wasn’t going to hold back!


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