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Three Call Girl Booked by Three Clients

I'm an escort at the best central London escort agency and I have quite the story to tell you about three escorts. London is a fascinating place and there is plenty of diversity and lots of weird and wonderful people. There are also more than enough sexy escort girls in London and horny clients for them all. One day I got a request from my escort agency which said they had three clients who wanted to see me along with two girls from another escort agency. I asked to see the other girls profiles to make sure that they were VIP escorts like me - if I was going to have fun with them, I wanted to make sure they were the very best! Thankfully, they were both stunning elite escorts. I agreed to meet them at the hotel where we three escorts had been booked for our outcall appointment. Being professionals, we were all very punctual - we had been provided some keys for the hotel room and chatted while we waited for our three clients. They arrived a minute or two later. We were quite impressed - they were all quite young and in their late 20s. It was clear that they were a little nervous about being with three escorts so we chatted with them a little first to break the ice. We suggested that we three escorts played with each other a little first, to help get the guys in the mood. We were all more than happy with some bisexual action so we started with some lapdancing on each other as well as some open-mouth kissing and touching. We could tell the boys were getting horny just watching us. The time for action had come so I led the girls over to the boys and we undressed them. Us three escorts then formed a circle where we sucked our outcall clients off. In truth, the guys were struggling to control themselves with three escorts in the room - especially when we were sucking on their dicks. So we lay back on the bed, spread our legs and let them fuck us. Sometimes it is better to get the initial fuck out of the way, then you can excite them again and take more time afterwards! We spent the entire afternoon swapping partners, sharing partners, men on men, girl on girl. It was the first time I had been booked by three guys as an escort and I hope it isn't the last!


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