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Erection Campaign For Sexy Young Escort

Lena was on just about the most unusual outcall appointment she'd ever experienced as a high class London escort. When clients rang the escort agency they usually asked for the sexy young escort to be sent on an outcall appointment to a hotel or home. Just as often they asked for an incall appointment at her luxurious Oxford Street flat. However Lena had never before been asked to turn up at a television studio before. Her escort agency manager had told her not to worry, as the potential client had been very nice and provided assurance that Lena would not be interviewed or filmed - not without her express permission anyway! But that didn't stop her being puzzled. She arrived at reception and was ushered upstairs into a small green room - a place where TV guests waited before they went in front of the cameras. The runner who'd taken the call girl upstairs had invited her to a drink from the minibar, given her an envelope marked 'instructions' and promptly left the room. Slightly nervous, the sexy young escort made herself a gin and tonic and opened the envelope. Inside was her fee in cash and a single sheet of paper: "You have been hired to perform your usual service with a VIP. He is a famous politician who you will recognise, and he is about to go on air to be interviewed about the forthcoming election. He likes to relax beforehand - helping him relax is your job." Lena had barely taken this in before the man entered the room. She gasped: she'd not been in the country long, but she certainly knew this man. He grinned. 'Hi,' he said. 'You must be Lena.' Before the sexy young escort could even put her drink down, he was kissing her passionately. His hands moved up and down her slim, young body. Being accustomed to being in control, he took charge. He knelt down and removed her strappy heels, before removing his own trousers. She felt his hands working her pussy through her knickers. Her panties didn't stay on long as he pulled them down too. She took off her jacket and was about to unbutton her shirt in order to be fully naked and free. 'Don't do that,' he smiled, getting. It's important to be formally dressed for a meeting, don't you think?' She smiled back and reached for his cock instead. Now it was her turn to be on her knees. The young escort didn't mess around and quickly took the politician's long cock in her mouth and began to suck deeply. She felt his hands on her head, guiding it back and forth over the shaft. She also felt his dick grow in her mouth as it repeatedly made contact with the back of her throat. With a free hand she reached down to the base of his shaft and began to tease his balls. Just as he was about to come, she stopped sucking. 'Perhaps it's time you were inside me, sir,' she whispered. Getting up, she headed over to the couch in the corner and bent herself over one of the arms so that her arse was sticking in the air and her head was buried in the soft cushions.  The sexy young escort girl heard him come up behind her and felt his hands run over her smooth arse. He was preparing to penetrate her. She felt the tip of his cock brushing the skin between her legs. The only question was, would he go for her pussy or ass? She got her answer as she felt his rock solid shaft push deep into her arse. As he began to thrust, he pushed a couple of fingers into her sopping wet pussy. Her G-spot was squeezed between the pressure of fingers and cock, and she soon began to gasp and groan. He hushed her - this was something he didn't want to get into the papers. They were both going to have to orgasm as quietly as they could, and that moment wasn't far away. The young escort could feel the politician's thrusts into her tight arse becoming more and more intense, and the tip of his cock was quivering inside her. With a groan he came. She squeezed her arse muscles, milking him of every last drop. After he'd come he stayed inside her, working her pussy until she reached her own orgasm. The effort of keeping quiet made the sexy young escort orgasm even more intense than usual. The VIP slid his cock out of her and got dressed. There was a knock on the door. 'You're on in two minutes, sir!' 'On my way!' he called back. He opened the door and vanished - leaving Lena knowing exactly how she would cast her vote!


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