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Escort Girl Emma and Her Busty Girlfriend

Emma was the type of girl who worked as an escort simply because she loved it. For starters, he money was great. What's more, she got to travel to some interesting places. But what she loved most about being a high class London call girl was that she got to have lots and lots of sex! Her favourite person to fuck was her busty girlfriend! She knew she was not alone in this line of thought. She had met many other escort girls - both at her own agency and others - who simply came to London to work as escorts due to impossible horniness! As such Emma sometimes found it difficult to fully satisfy herself with the the handful of incall and outcall clients she had each week. In situations like these she had to make other arrangements. One of her favourite options was to visit one of her sexy escort girlfriends to enjoy a pleasant evening of bisexual fun. This particular night, she had just got back from an afternoon at a London hotel suite with two horny Japanese businessmen, both of whom had gone to considerable lengths to pleasure Emma multiple times. Yet the horny young escort was still gagging for more. Within a quarter of an hour of getting back to her incall flat, Emma had found herself picking up the phone to call her busty girlfriend, Stephanie. Emma and Stephanie looked very alike to the extent that they could almost be mistaken for sisters. Both were of similar height, with jet black hair and full, busty figures. Five minutes later she was on her way to Stephanie's incall flat in Kensington. She had thought about picking up a takeaway en-route, but she knew it would be pointless - virtually as soon as she walked through Stephanie's door the two of them would be having sex. And so it proved. Both girls knew what was in store, and both had taken the precaution of not wearing any underwear! Emma was barely inside the front door before Stephanie was all over her. It was pretty clear that both escort girls had been looking forward to this moment. Emma felt Stephanie's cool hand sliding up the inside of her thighs. She reciprocated by sliding her hands up the smooth flesh of her busty girlfriend's legs until she had both palms grasping the escort girl's beautiful ass. She pulled Stephanie toward her and began to kiss her passionately on the lips. Very soon, both of the sexy young escort girls were almost fully naked. Emma found herself admiring the gentle of Stephanie's body. The cute young brunette was standing there in just a black lacy bra - apart from which she was completely naked. Anna could see that Stephanie's shaved pussy was glistening. Excited, she only managed to restrain herself a couple of seconds before reaching for Stephanie's pussy. Cupping her busty girlfriend's pussy, she gently pushed a finger into the deep wetness. Immediately, Stephanie began to flush and breathe deeply. A moment later, her own hand was between Emma's legs, and she felt herself being penetrated by two of Stephanie's fingers. Slowly but surely she felt the fingers burrow deep inside her. As soon as Stephanie's fingers made contact with her G-spot she gasped and redoubled her own efforts at pleasuring her busty girlfriend. Stephanie's bra came off quickly under the expert hands of Emma. Her beautiful large breasts spilled out, and Emma began quickly to lick and kiss the nipples while driving her fingers even deeper into Stephanie's pussy. Either of the two girls could have had their orgasm whenever they wanted. But neither wanted the pleasure to stop too soon. However it was plain to see that they were relentlessly driving each other to intense, screaming climaxes. As usual, Stephanie was the first come. Emma knew it was imminent when her busty girlfriend began to pant quickly. Seconds later, Stephanie was whimpering and Emma felt a heavy flow of pussy juice run down her wrists. Stephanie did not take long to recover, and after pausing for only a moment to catch her breath she began to work her own fingers in Emma's pussy doubly hard, even reaching down with her other hand to work her clit. All of a sudden, Emma felt the waves of pleasure running through her body. Instinctively, she reached up to grasp her own breasts. Under the pressure of triple stimulation - pussy, clit, and nipples - the stabs of pleasure began to merge seamlessly into one great rush of ecstasy. Emma fell back on the sofa, crying out so loudly and uncontrollably that she was close to screaming. As they recovered, both escorts reflected on the fact that however much they might enjoy themselves on incall and outcall appointments with VIP clients, the best fun was to be had in the ams of a bisexual and busty girlfriend.


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