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Young Escort in A New Experience

You would never think that Ellie was a London escort girl. If anything, she looked like your typical student. The brown-eyed brunette was an educated girl and was studying English and Drama at a London university. The most standout features of the young escort were her full, 36DD breasts. In short, 19-year-old Ellie was perfect for escorting. Like so many other sexy student girls in London, the teen had become an escort as an easy (and fun!) way of staying out of debt. Like most of the best escorts, Ellie very quickly found herself with a collection of regular clients. Rod was a regular client who booked her once a week. He was in his mid forties and had a spacious flat in South Kensington. One of the things that Rod liked most was to teach sexy young girls new tricks. And so it was that Ellie found herself losing her anal virginity. It had started as their typical appointment. They had spent a good hour fucking hard on Rod's kingsize bed. Ellie knew that Rod was planning to do her up the bum for the first time, and the sexy young escort was looking forward to it enormously. Like all London escorts, Ellie was the sort of girl who was very sexually adventurous - she absolutely adored trying anything new in bed. After Rod had taken a few minutes to recover, it was time for the fun to begin again. Carefully, Rod put his hand on Ellie's smooth flank, running his hand up and down her baby-soft skin for a moment or two. He then rolled her over on to her front. Rod admired the way her large young breasts pressed into the firm surface of the mattress. After a few moments he carefully moved both hands towards the cute escort's bum. The cheeks were toned, round and full. Putting a hand on each, he gently eased them apart, revealing the tiny hole of her anus. Ellie shivered with pleasure. Above her, Rod decided to test her arse for tightness. He dabbed a tiny bit of lube on to the end of his finger and placed his fingertip against the young escort's asshole. Feeling no resistance, Rod began to worm his finger inside. He went up to the second knuckle. She was tight all right. Ellie moaned and shuddered - Rod was delighted to see that she was the sort of girl who clearly derived a lot of pleasure from having her arse penetrated. And this was only his finger - what would she do when he slid his cock into her? It was time to find out. Rod slid his hands down between Ellie's knees and eased her legs outwards so that she was splayed face-down on the bed. She knew that when Rod took her from behind during normal sex he liked to kiss her neck, so she gathered her hair up and exposed the soft flesh underneath. Rod positioned himself, kneeling between the legs of the young escort. He was lavish in applying lubricant both to his own cock and tight hole of her arse - he wanted Ellie's first experience of anal to be smooth and easy. Finally, he angled his body over hers and lined up the tip of his cock with her bum. Satisfied that he was in the correct position, he began to slide inside. There was less resistance than he had expected. With just a single push the head of his cock popped into the young London escort's tight young arse. She gasped and gripped the pillow tightly, breathing hard and fast. Rather than pausing, Rod decided to be decisive - he kept up the pressure so that the full length of his cock was quickly buried in her virgin anus. It was the tightest sensation he had ever felt. She squirmed and moaned.  Confident that he wasn't hurting the sexy young escort, Rod began to fuck her arse - slowly and gently at first, but then adding a little speed as he realised that the lube was doing its job and the cute young escort was relaxing enough to let his cock slide in and out comfortably. For her part, Ellie loved the feeling of a long cock in her arse, filling her up. The pleasure was intense, and became more so when she slid a hand underneath and began to play with her clit. It wasn't long before she was coming hard and repeatedly. Rod wasn't far behind her - the tight warmth of the teenage escort's arse was too much for him to hold out for long. Soon the pleasure of feeling her soft bum cheeks push against his body with every thrust helped him fill her ass with a thick burst of cum. Ellie was overjoyed. Now she'd been fucked in the arse she felt like a proper London escort!


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