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Oral Heaven for Bisexual Ellen

The long brown hair of the bisexual callgirl brushed the floor. Her slender throat was exposed to him while her perfect breasts jiggled with the vigour of her sucking. His eyes moved down her flat stomach to her neatly shaved pussy. The tightening sensation in his balls increased as he took in the sight of his wife licking the sexy escort's pussy. Those long slender legs hooked over his wife's shoulders, the manicured toes curling with the erotic pleasure that was building in sweet Ellen's pussy. His eyes travelled back along her incredible body. Ellen's head hung over the edge of the bed. Her mouth was open and she was giving him OWO upside down. A shiver of euphoria ran through his body as he watched his sexy bisexual sucking on his hard dick. An incall at the brunette escort's South Kensington flat was always a pleasure. Ellen knew exactly how to please him and his wife and they both left happy and relaxed every time. A tremble ran through the bisexual escort's exquisite body. Her toes curled and her sexy hips lifted as she began to grind her pussy into his wife's face. Her climax must be close but she never stopped sucking his dick. His hands brushed over her hard nipples and a moan escaped from her occupied mouth. One hand slid over her throat and another tremble claimed her writhing body. He thrust his hips, forcing his cock deeper down her straining throat. Her stomach tightened as she controlled her gag reflex. Soft feminine hands grasped his buttocks and her silky hair swung against his thighs. He watched his wife's ass in the air, her head moving fast and furious between the young bisexual escort's thighs. Suddenly Ellen's hips lifted high before her body shuddered and twisted. His wife kept licking with her moment of triumph imminent. A long groan burst from the bisexual escort's throat and her fingernails dug into his ass cheeks. His attention was now drawn to his wife. She was looking at him - her face was wet with pussy juices. He tapped the side of Ellen's face. Knowing the signal she released her oral grip on his dick. His wife straddled the sexy young escort's body and dropped to all fours. Just four strokes of Ellen's hand on his cock brought forth a gush of spunk. His whole body rocked with the force of his climax as he watched his seed splash across his wife's face and drip over Ellen's quivering breasts. Angels of London - For the sexiest ladies to book in London


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