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Sexy East European Call Girl Julia is Good Enough to Eat

He was meant to be coming for dinner but the East European escort was horny not hungry. She had arranged herself on the dining table, wearing nothing except for the tie that he had left on his previous visit. The London escort's soft curves and round pert breasts would be irresistible - he wouldn't mind waiting for dinner. She jumped with excitement at the sound of a confident knock on the door of her Notting Hill Gate incall apartment. 'Come in,' she called, 'It's not locked.' The door opened and he stopped. Her date stood frozen in the doorway, transfixed by the vision before him. Soft brunette hair tumbled around her beautiful face as she stretched her sexy body on the shiny black table. 'I thought we would start with dessert,' said the beautiful East European escort. 'What an inspired idea,' he said dropping his coat on the floor and striding across the room. He gathered Julia in his strong arms, kissing her deeply and pulling her naked body against him. They French kissed, their passion intense. Between the two of them they tore his clothes off. When he was finally naked, they paused for a moment enjoying the sensation of bare skin against bare skin. He looked into her lust filled eyes. 'Lie back,' he said, 'I'm in need of an appetiser.' The London call girl eagerly followed his instructions. He pushed her smooth, supple thighs apart and buried his face in her warm and wet pussy. His lips sucked on her clit and his tongue explored as he devoured her. She writhed in ecstasy beneath his oral touch. 'Fuck! You really are good enough to eat,' he said as he lifted his head and pulled her into a sitting position. He kissed her hard on the mouth, giving her the full taste of her own sex. Julia loved every bit of it. She kissed him back with equal ardour, wrapping her legs around him and drawing their hips together. His hard dick slid into her wet pussy. Their mutual moan of pleasure as they finally joined made them both giggle into their frantic kissing. 'You are such a horny little bitch,' he said. The sexy young East European escort agreed wholeheartedly. They fucked one another on the dining table until they were exhausted. When they finally got round to eating, they were understandably ravenous. They ate naked at the same table they had been fucking on and it wasn't long before they were eyeing each other with lustful hunger once again.


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