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Garden Party GFE with East European Escort

The East European escort looked stunning in her white summer dress. Bees buzzed around the climbing blooms and the shimmering heat of the season hung heavy in the air. Somehow Selena managed to look cool, fresh and beautiful. He had dated the Notting Hill escort enough times now to know that she was the best GFE in London. Selena had the most adorable face which was framed by thick chestnut hair. Her body was petite and toned with soft, subtle curves. The Notting Hill callgirl's willingness to make every date even better than the last was what kept him coming back for more. The hum of conversation was so distant now that he had to strain to hear it. Sneaking away from the other guests at the garden party made him feel naughty. The East European escort escort was leading him astray! Selena took hold of his hand and dragged him into the seclusion of a white painted summer house. Honeysuckle grew around trellises filling the air with its perfume. The East European escort pulled him close and kissed him. As their lips met, their tongues explored in a passionate French kiss. He ran his hands down the cool skin of her bare arms and grasped her firm buttocks through the light layers of her skirt. Selena gave a little squeal of delight and pressed her sexy body closer to his. Feeling bold, the outcall client bunched up her skirt in his hands, drawing it up until his hot hands found the smooth skin of her ass. The bare flesh in his palms, the realisation that she wasn't wearing any panties, the teasing pressure of her lips on his, all served to ignite his ardour. He pushed the East European escort back towards an open sill in the garden house, stopping when the backs of her legs were pressed up against it. Selena sat down with a sudden bump, looking up at him. The escort from Notting Hill had eyes that were bright with excitement while her cheeks were flushed with desire. He drew in a deep breath as he watched her undo his trousers and slide them down so that his straining cock was released into the warm air. The East European escort put her lips around his dick and slowly slid it into her mouth. He had to steady himself with a hand on her sun-heated head, the pleasure was so intense. Back and forth went her head, in and out went his cock. He groaned, his need to fuck her becoming more insistent by the second. Selena knew him well though, she stopped sucking and turned her back to him, leaning on the sill. With measured care he lifted her white skirt, revealing her tanned, toned legs and her glistening pussy. 'Take me now,' she said, 'I really need you to fuck me.' She helped to guide his cock into the East European escort's tight pussy. He took a hold of the smooth swell of her hips and thrust deep into her. 'That's it,' she moaned, 'Don't hold back. Go for it. I need a good seeing to.' He followed her instructions, fucking her hard and fast, driving himself to a knee trembling climax. Even as he sat on the summer house bench, recovering with Selena's head in his lap, he was wondering what she had in store for him when they got back to the hotel that evening. Angels of London - For the sexiest call girls to book in London


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