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Anal Splashdown with East European Escort

There was something about the East European escorts floral necktie that really turned him on. It was such an innocent looking garment and yet Katy was the naughtiest woman he had ever been with. Ever since discovering the best escort agency in London, she had been the girl for him. Game for anything and just as enthusiastic as he was, there was no doubt in his mind that Katy got a kick out of everything they did together. 'Yes,' gasped the brunette escort, 'Fuck, yes.' 'You like anal sex, don't you?' he said between groans. 'You know I do!' 'You don't want me to stop then?' He slowed his pace as if he was going to withdraw. 'Fuck, no!' He grinned and picked up the pace, driving deep inside the East European escort's beautiful body. Katy dipped her head and shoulders, pushing her hips back against him, thrusting in unison. The anal escort gripped the mat on which they fucked and little trembles ran along her slender back. He recognised the signs of her impending orgasm and allowed his control to weaken, letting the euphoria swell. He continued to drive into her, his balls slapping against her rounded buttocks. A loud moan was accompanied by uncontrollable shudders as he felt the rhythmic tightening deep inside the East European escort. His own climax burst forth in spurts of intense ecstasy. Their bodies shivered and shook together. When the orgasmic pressure relaxed he pulled his cock out of Katy's hot ass. 'Ready?' he asked. 'Always,' she replied. Katy spread her arms across the mat, the East European escort's ass still high and he pissed down her back. Urine splashed over her soft, smooth skin with the sharp scent filling the air. Watersports was always the icing on the cake to his sexual gratification. He watched with twisted pleasure as the golden shower soaked that pretty floral necktie.


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