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Fun in the Dark for East European Escort

The room was pitch black and he heard the London escort close the door. His mind formed the image of Kelly's naked body. The East European escort had an incredible figure with smooth curves, pert breasts and toned, shapely legs. He felt his erection stiffen at the memory of her hands and her mouth on his cock. There would be more OWO soon, of that he had no doubt. The mattress moved - the South Kensington escort had reached the bed. His body ached with sexual tension. It was Kelly's hair that he felt first, her long tresses trailing in a silken path along his body. The subtle scent of her perfume filled his nostrils. A brush of a velvet nipple cause him to gasp. His hands wandered but he couldn't find the East European escort. The mattress bounced to his left and he guessed that she had hopped over his body. Soft lips pressed against his inner thigh sending tingles to his groin. Her hot tongue trailed along his sensitive flesh until it found his hard cock. In the heavy darkness, he could smell his own arousal, was acutely aware of the pre-cum at the end of his cock. Kelly's tongue found the tip of his dick and licked it clean. He could feel the heat of her mouth even before her cheeks closed around his shaft. Such exquisite pleasure coursed through his body as the hot East European escort sucked him with intensity, her small hands holding his waist firmly, drawing him deep into her throat. 'That's my girl,' he gasped, Best date in London, baby.' Kelly allowed his dick to slip from her mouth and he heard the loud slap as it sprang against his stomach. Her soft skin slid up his body. The sound of her excited breathing reached his ear followed by the sweet scent of her breath. Gentle kisses fluttered around his neck and the sexy East  European escort's satin thighs straddled his body. Her long hair caressed him whilst her kisses travelled around his neck and to his face. Body to body,' he groaned, 'I need to feel your skin against mine.' 'It's the best way,' she murmured. Firm, youthful breasts pressed against his chest as she spread her thighs and guided his cock into her hot, tight pussy. He moaned with pleasure. Kelly's soft, sexy body slid back and forth along his torso; his dick splashing in and out of her wet pussy. The scent of sex filled the darkness. He could feel the East European escort's hard nipples slipping across his chest. His hands found her hips and grasped the feminine curve, increasing the rhythm to match his racing pulse. Little gasps and groans escaped from Kelly's throat. He could feel the quivers that ran through her body. Fuck, she was horny. His balls felt so full, the pressure dragging him towards the brink of euphoria. The London escort's body began to shudder and she cried out, her pussy clamping down on his cock in an orgasmic pulse. Cum rushed up his shaft. He groaned in ecstasy, holding Kelly's sexy body tight against him whilst he pumped every last drop of spunk into her fabulous pussy.


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