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East European Call Girl Enjoys Ice Cold Fizz

The skin of the East European escort was so smooth and supple. He loved to stroke it, kiss it, feel it next to his body. Claudia lay stretched out on the bed. She held two of the bars on the iron bedstead, her sexy legs were bent at the knees, turned to the side by the twist in her slim waist. The East European escort's large, firm breasts pointed towards the ceiling, her nipples standing proud. Her beautiful face was flushed from their earlier play, her brunette hair tousled and sexy. She bit her lower lip, the look in her eyes was sultry and longing. 'What do you have in store for me now?' she asked, finishing her question with a little pout. He smiled and took a sip from his champagne flute. The cold bubbles danced across his tongue. 'A little fizz, I think,' he said. Claudia gave him a questioning look. He sat down on the bed next to her, enjoying the way that her breasts bounced in unison with the movement of the mattress. Reaching into the ice bucket, he withdrew an ice cube. A look of understanding crossed the cute East European escort's face and she laughed with delight. He ran the ice around her nipples causing her to squeal and the sensitive flesh to pucker. Placing his glass on the nightstand, he dipped his head and ran his hot tongue over her cold nipples. Claudia gasped and crossed her legs, squeezing her toned thighs together. He picked up the champagne bottle from the ice bucket and poured a small amount of the ice cold liquid over the sexy East European escort's perfect breasts. Another gasp burst from the sexy, young escort's lips. He leant over and helped himself to the dripping bubbles, licking and kissing her clean of the champagne. Once again, he poured golden champagne over her breasts. He loved the way his East European escort squealed and writhed in response and the way that her breasts swayed and her nipples hardened. This time, he ran the cold bottle over her belly and pressed it against her tightly locked thighs. Claudia slowly spread her legs, gasping and moaning as he slid the cold, wet glass over her hot pussy. 'Good girl,' he said, moving down the bed and positioning himself between her legs. He poured some of the cold, fizzing liquid over her swollen clit and sucked the sensitive nub hard. The Tottenham Court Road escort groaned loudly. He poured more champagne over her pussy, ice cold liquid flooding the hot slit. His tongue slid along, following the rivulets of champagne. The hot London escort spread her legs wider and he placed the neck of the bottle at the opening to her pussy. She froze. 'I'll be gentle,' he said and she relaxed. Carefully, he slid the cold glass into her tight pussy, just a few inches. His mouth and tongue continued to tease her clit, drawing forth gasps and moans of pleasure from the London escort. He tipped the bottle, pouring cold, fizzing champagne inside her. 'Hold it inside,' he said whilst he withdrew the bottle and placed it back in the ice bucket. He watched Claudia concentrate hard on keeping the liquid inside. Mounting her, he said, 'You can relax now.' At that moment he thrust his dick inside the East European escort's pussy. The combination of cold and heat was intoxicating. Splashing in and out, he fucked her until she came in screaming convulsions and the champagne dripped from his emptied balls.


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