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Earls Court Blonde Call Girl Loves COF

Natalia was on her hands and knees. Behind the Earls Court escort was her incall client. He was sweating profusely, gasping for breath as he strived to keep going. His cock was sliding in and out of the busty young escort’s fabulous pussy. Doing Natalia doggystyle was as close to heaven as he’d ever get. His balls slapped against her as he continued to drill. The Earls Court blonde was now moaning loudly, the pleasure levels rising. The busty young escort’s big breasts slapped back and forth with the momentum. Her pussy dripped love juices which ran down the inside of her perfect legs. Her pussy was so warm, so tight. Her little asshole puckered in pleasure as he continued to drill her. The sight of the Earls Court blonde’s beautiful ass bouncing on his dick was almost too much to bear. Yet he had to keep going. She wanted him to keep going. Both the busty young escort and her incall client wanted the same thing - he was to come on her face. COF was a very naughty and deeply intimate escort service. Not all escorts offered it but Natalia absolutely loved it. She urged her incall client on, keen to make him cum as soon as possible. At the same time, she wanted to savour every moment that he fucked her. The Earls Court blonde let her incall client’s cock slide out of her cunt and flipped over onto her back. The incall client now had a truly spectacular view. The busty young escort’s legs were wide open, her wet pussy glistening with excitement. Her big breasts heaved. He slid himself inside her once more and immediately got to work, furiously pounding her. Natalia practically screamed in pleasure and grasped his ass, pulling him closer to her. By now the Earls Court blonde was practically begging him to cum. Keen to oblige, he pulled out and positioned himself on his knees above her chest. Pointing his hard cock towards her face, the incall client jerked back and forth. The busty young London escort watched him from below, turned on as he furiously jerked himself. All of a sudden, the incall client’s face contorted. He was close. Natalia watched in fascination as he tried his best to hold back but he could wait no longer. White spunk shot from his straining cock and hit the Earls Court blonde full in the face. It was warm and sticky, and covered her face, dripping down to her lips so she could taste it. Natalia loved a good facial and there was nothing better than COF.


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