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Duo escort pair give me lap dance with extras

I’d always been a party boy, I lived in Chelsea and I loved visiting high- end bars and new clubs and it was even better when I had a sexy lady on my arm. I never really considered myself to be good looking, but when I had a beautiful girl on my arm it always seemed to draw in the attention of other ladies in the club as well. One night I had booked myself a duo escort pair, I wanted double the fun and I had planned to take them to a new VIP club that was opening in London. I had arranged to meet them there and when I laid eyes on them, I wasn’t disappointed. They were both extremely sexy, one was Spanish, with long dark hair and big beautiful red lips. She was curvaceous and her tits were massive, just how I liked them to be. The other lady was from Italy, she was dark haired too and equally as beautiful with her big brown eyes and slender body. Just looking at them both stood together made me want to fuck them right there and then. The evening started well, we got to know each other over cocktails, and we danced to the music, both women were equally seductive, and they loved showing me their sexy dance moves. My hands were all over them and they loved showing me their attention. We soon found another lady approaching us, she was stunning with beautiful blonde wavy hair and her ass was spectacular. This happened often, ladies would see me with gorgeous women on my arms and they’d want to be on my arm too. It was perfect, I was in heaven I had a sexy blonde girl now competing for my attention all thanks to my stunning duo escorts. The ladies began dancing with one another, touching each other’s bodies in front of me and teasing me with their flirtatious dance moves, all three were in a sweaty mix of lust and heat and my dick had never been harder. It wasn’t long before we all made our way to the secluded booth that I had hired, it had curtains and came with guaranteed privacy and it was in there that things really started to heat up. In the centre of the table stood a pole and before I knew it all three ladies were sexily stripping their clothes off for me and seductively dancing around the pole. They were teasing the clothes off one another’s bodies and kissing each other as they went. Soon they were all completely naked on top of the table and they were taking it in turns to sexily wrap their bodies around the pole. Grinding on it and twisting their legs around it. My sexy Spanish escort had clearly had experience in pole dancing and my dick was hard as a rock but when she slid her body down the pole with her pussy gliding against the metal and her legs spread wide open, I thought I was going to cum in my jeans. Soon my two escorts came to sit either side of me, both completely naked and wanting my attention, whilst our new blonde friend sat right in front of me on the table with her legs spread wide open. All of the girls started rubbing their hands over my body, sliding their fingers between the buttons on my shirt and un-doing them with ease. I soon found myself naked between three goddesses and my boner was ready to be seen to. The blonde girl suddenly grabbed me up to the table so that I was lay flat on my back, my two escorts made fast work off taking off my jeans and soon all three women were taking it in turns to shove my rock-hard dick down their throats. I lay back to enjoy, one girl had my balls in her mouth and other two were licking and sucking up the length of my cock. They were all over me, devouring my dick with their sexy mouths and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came all over them. The sexy Spanish lady stood up and made her way over to me face, she sexily squatted down over me and instructed me to lick her beautiful pussy. I did as I was told, and I grabbed onto her beautiful bouncy arse as I licked and sucked hard on her beautiful cunt. She was screaming in pleasure and the sound of her moaning sent me over the edge. My spunk started to explode from my cock and as I did the sweet pussy riding my face started to explode too. I felt hot cum filling up my mouth from my escort as my spunk was filling up the mouth of her friend. I had never cum so hard in my life, it shot out of me hard and thick and the blonde and the brunette took it in turns to suck it out of my dick. I was in pure heaven and I knew the evening was only going to get better, I found myself wondering what the other two women’s cunts tasted like.


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