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DP for East European Blonde Anal Call Girl

Sara lay with her legs apart. The anal escort looked stunning. Her slim body with its soft, tanned skin, gentle feminine curves and pert young breasts stretched out beneath him. That beautiful face smiled up at him and he noticed the excitement that danced in her eyes. The honey blonde escort had charmed and entertained him all day and now she lay ready for his intimate touch. Sara wriggled her hips and spread her long toned legs wider. 'Patience, my beauty,' he said with a chuckle, 'I know how much you want this but I'm enjoying the view.' The hot anal escort pretended to sulk but she could only hold her petulance for a few seconds before her sunny smile returned to her gorgeous face. Arching her back, she posed for him. She somehow managed to make the view even better. His straining erection ached at the sight of her. Nudging closer, he felt the tip of his cock press against her smooth, soft pussy lips. He looked down and was pleased to see how her exposed pussy glistened with her arousal. Sara stretched and pushed her firm breasts upwards while pressing her pussy against his dick. A bottle of lube and a large dildo lay on the bed next to them. Her client picked up the lube and poured a generous amount onto his hands before squirting some of the cold liquid directly onto her hot pussy. The London anal escort squealed and wriggled at the cooling sensation. Adjusting her position, the DP escort raised her lovely hips so that he could see her tight asshole. His balls swelled at the sight. One hand lubed his cock while the other worked the slippery fluid along her slit and into her ass. Sara moaned with sheer satisfaction. Seeming content with the amount of lubrication her client rested his hard dick against the tiny puckered hole. Little by little he increased the pressure and the flesh slowly yielded. His rock hard cock slid inside the beautiful London escort's incredible body. Sara grasped the covers with her hands as she slowly rocked her hips, drawing him inside her. The whole experience was so erotic that he thought he was going to come immediately. Yet he managed to refrain himself, keen for the final ingredient to his fantasy. His hand found the dildo and he ran it along her lubed slit. Sara groaned in response. he ran it along her lubed slit. Sara groaned in response. 'Yes...,' she murmured, '...yes.' With a smile he pushed it into her pussy. His body ached with the pressure of his rising climax. He thrust the dildo deep and felt it press against his dick as he pounded the anal escort's ass. Her youthful breasts bounced to the rhythm as he fucked both of her holes. She loved DP and he knew it. The sight of both appendages sliding in and out of that sexy body was the most erotic he'd ever witnessed. Sara's body trembled and twisted as her orgasm bubbled up to the surface. All of a sudden, she froze and each of her muscles became taut for a second before her climax burst free. A slight tremor claimed her erect nipples and with a loud cry, she relaxed. Encouraged by this, he grasped her hips and slammed fast and deep up the tight tunnel before he also came hard . His climax was heart-poundingly tense and it claimed him completely, sucking him dry. Somewhere in his euphoric mind he knew that he would be dating Sara next time he was in London.


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