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DP Fun with Hot Anal Call Girl Cloe

The anal escort had never been happier that she worked with the best escort agency in London. A day shopping with her date, dinner at one of London's best restaurants and now wonderfully depraved, passionate sex. It was Cloe's idea of a perfect day and, if the appreciative sounds from behind her were anything to go by, her date was in complete agreement. The London escort sighed with pleasure and gyrated her hips, enjoying the sensations that fluttered from her groin and spread through her horny body. Cloe loved sex - the dirtier the better! The anal escort's fingers spread across the soft sheets with her well manicured nails gently scratching the expensive fabric. The blonde escort's sensitised nipples dragged back and forth across the bed covers with each thrust of their conjoined bodies. She loved the tingles that shot to her groin, adding to the building heat. The sudden addition of cold lubricating fluid to her asshole, caused the sexy anal escort to gasp: 'Yes. Oh, fuck, yes,' she groaned. 'You like that, beautiful?' asked her date. 'I like what it means is coming next.' 'That's my girl.' Cloe's date continued to fuck her pussy. He had a great rhythm. Slow and steady and driving her towards her climax. The addition of anal play was going to fast forward her to full blown orgasm time, of that she had no doubt. The anal escort's body trembled with anticipation as she felt him press the tip of a dildo against her tight asshole. She moaned when her flesh yielded to the gentle pressure and the latex cock slid inside her. Cock and dildo slid against each other, separated by only a thin layer of skin. Cloe felt so erotically full. The double pressure tightened the skin around her clit, pulling at the nub of pleasure with each powerful thrust. All those sensitive nerves in her ass fired signals to her brain, tingles radiated out from all of her erogenous zones. Still, he fucked the anal escort, cock and dildo thrusting into her sexy, youthful body. The tremors began in her thighs and spread to her back and her arms. He recognised the signal and he picked up the pace. Powering into her harder and faster. 'Yes,' she cried out, 'Yes, that is incredible. Yes, fucking yes.' The hot anal escort froze, perched on the edge, unable to move until, finally, he tipped her over the edge. Euphoria flooded her senses, her pussy muscles pulsed hard around his dick, forcing the dildo out of her ass. She heard his strangled cry and felt his body judder against her. They were both shouting 'yes', in total agreement of the erotic perfection of their sexual union.


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