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London Escort Duo in Double Facial

The London escort duo were gorgeous. Both had incredible bodies, pert breasts, dark hair and beautiful faces. Naked with their smooth, soft skin pressed against one another, they could have been mistaken for twins. He sighed with pleasure as he watched Daniela and Ruby kiss one another with as much passion as they had kissed him. It was incredible that they looked even better in real life than they did in their escort photos. Each brunette escort had a supple thigh draped over his body, their breasts touching as they French kissed. He could see the sensual lips of the London escort duo open and their wet tongues playing seductively. He could hear their giggles and the subtle slurp of saliva. He could smell their fragrance, their arousal. His hands stroked the two young brunette escorts bodies. Their skin was like velvet and his hands slid over their round buttocks and up the gentle curve of their backs. The sexy London escort duo returned their attention to him. Ruby slid down his body and took his naked cock in her hot mouth. He gasped out loud. Daniela presented him with her large, firm breasts. Exceptional OWO and hard nipples to suck on meant that he'd surely been transported to heaven! He groaned and writhed beneath Ruby's expert oral attention whilst his hands squeezed Daniela's breasts together, his tongue flicking from one nipple to the other. The brunette escort made the most divine sounds, little groans and squeals serving to stiffen his cock in Ruby's slurping mouth. He was engulfed in the sexiest feminine flesh imaginable, every sense was heightened and his building climax promised to be out of this world. Booking this London escort duo had been the best decision of his life. He needed a taste, the urge suddenly overwhelming and not to be denied. His hands slid down Daniela's nubile body, tracing the dip of her slim waist and the flare of her sexy hips. With an insistent tug he pulled her up and onto his face, burrowing his nose and his mouth between her soft labia. Her scent was so erotic, her taste enough to drive any man wild with lust. A cry of pleasure that burst from Daniela's throat when he found her clitoris spurred him on. He wanted to make the sexy brunette escort come, needed her to come before his own climax. The thought of all her feminine juices lubricating his throat as she bucked and writhed on his face was almost too much to bear. He applied all of his oral talents to achieving his aim and was rewarded with a scream of ecstasy and a gush of sexual fluids. The London escort's firm ass thrust back and forth over his face, all control lost in her moment of orgasm. When Daniela's body finally calmed and her cries reduced to small purrs and whimpers, he gently pushed her aside. An urgency in his groin was heralding the grand finale. 'Now,' he groaned, 'Now, ladies.' The London escort duo knew exactly what he wanted. They positioned themselves on all fours, side by side. Their gorgeous breasts hanging alluringly, their asses swaying back and forth in their excitement. He knelt in front of them and slowly slid his hand up and down the length of his cock. It was still slippery with Ruby's saliva, a small detail that just added to his arousal. Both brunette escorts looked up at him, their eyes dancing with expectation. He began to pump his dick faster, feeling his balls swell and heat fan out though his body. With a roar of triumph, he juddered, managing to keep his vision fixed on the sexy London escort duo just long enough to see his cum splatter across their beautiful faces. The rush of pleasure overwhelmed him, blood roared in his ears and his vision clouded. When the euphoria faded enough for him to come back to himself, he was impressed with the amount of cum that he had managed to smother the two gorgeous escorts with. 'Perfect,' he murmured, 'Just perfect.'


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