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Double Duo Escorts for London bachelor

I had been seeing escorts for as long as I could remember, I had been with every type possible. Blonde haired, brunettes, petite, Russian girls, girls with big breasts, teenagers and even more mature escorts. I just loved women and I couldn’t get enough of them, I rarely found time to date so seeing escorts had become a way of life for me and I loved it. I was due some annual leave and I decided to treat myself to something I hadn’t requested before. I found myself searching online for 4 escorts and I wanted them all at the same time. After searching through duo escorts, I finally found the perfect four girls, it appeared they all loved working together and they provided the perfect mixture of youth, age, big tits, small tits and personalities and nationalities. I wanted them all to be perfect, I hadn’t had more than two at once before and the thought of having a 4 girls all fawning after me made my dick twitch with delight. I had booked a luxury hotel suite in the centre of Mayfair; I wanted the night to be nothing but spectacular so I had pulled out all the stops to ensure that it would be the perfect evening. I was sat at the hotel bar when four of the most stunning beauties I had ever seen in my life approached me. Each one of them was nothing but sensational, there was Amy, a 25-year old from the USA, Reni who was more mature from Eastern Europe and closely following behind them were my two 19- year old blonde twins from Russia. I was in complete heaven, and I instantly knew that my evening was going to be one to remember for a lifetime. After speaking to the bar tender, I arranged a booth for us all in the corner of the bar so that we could all get to know each other a little better before we headed to the hotel suite. Two girls sat either side of me, they all looked like models and they were all equally as charming in their personalities as they were in their looks. After spending the best part of the hour sipping on champagne, laughing and having fun together I decided it was time for us all to head back to the hotel suite. The girls were eager to follow me, and I saw every man in the lobby staring at me as I approached the lift with my beauties. I could tell they wished they were me and it made me feel powerful and horny as hell. When we arrived at the suite, I opened the balcony door to reveal a hot tub on the outside terrace. It didn’t take long before we were all sat inside it, the girls had helped one another strip their clothes off and then they made good work of making sure I was naked too. I had ordered more champagne for the room and I was soon sat between four girls as they kissed each other and caressed one another’s breasts. They were putting on a delightful show for me and I was horny as fuck from watching them all over each other. Their tongues were in and out of each other’s mouths and they took it in turns to share each other. They were having fun and I was enjoying every single second of the special night. It wasn’t long before the girl’s attention turned to me and I soon had the two teen twins either side of me, stroking up and down my body and placing kisses on my chest, face and shoulders. I had my arms around their waists and I slowly moved them downwards so that I could get a feel of their young teenage fuck holes. They were delicious and my dick was harder than it had ever been in its life. I was in complete heaven when my mature escort moved towards me, her hair was wet and her massive tits looked perfectly juicy and round, she elegantly made her way to me and placed her legs either side of my waist. I soon felt what I needed to feel as she lowered her sweet pussy down onto my massive erection. She started to fuck me, her juicy tits were in my face as she bounced up and down on my dick. My hands were still all over my blonde twins when suddenly my feisty American girl climbed up on the side of the hot tub and squatted above my face. I buried my tongue inside her, filling her deep and fucking her tight pussy with my face. All the girls were moaning in pleasure and the twins were caressing my mature women’s clit and tits as she fucked me, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was coming deep inside the first escort of the night. I had a face full of pussy, my hands were full of pussy and my dick was being pounded by a mature escort that was hotter than any woman I had ever seen on the planet. I couldn’t take it anymore and I exploded into my first orgasm of the evening. My dick squirted cum straight inside the sexy Reni, and as I came, I felt Amy’s pussy vibrating on my tongue, she was coming all over my face, her hot juices leaked into my mouth as she screamed out in pleasure. It was one of the hottest moments of my life and it was made even better when the other girls declared it was their turn to fuck me next. We spent the rest of the night in and out of the hot tub, fucking and teasing one another and drinking more champagne. I felt like a God and I would definitely be considering hiring more than one escort in the future.


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